Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: What Parents Should Know While Watching

We have had a lot of requests from our readers to delve into some of the popular TV shows and talk about how parents and teens can watch these shows together. We write a lot about ‘teachable moments’ where parents can use experiences to talk to and teach their teens important values and lessons. TV shows can actually be great opportunities for parents and teens to talk! In the next few weeks we will be posting about some of the episodes of popular shows that parents and teens can watch together along with talking points!

What is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

The Real Housewives franchise often depicts all kinds of issues for women in their respective cities and family lives. In Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, many of the Housewives are dealing with interpersonal and intrapersonal issues of their own during the show. If parents are watching the show with their teens, it is important to talk about issues that arise during each episode. For the show in general, there are many talking points families can discuss to get to know each other better:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Conversation Starters

1) Which is your favorite Housewife?

2) Which Housewife do you feel you are most similar to? Is this different or the same than your favorite character, why?

3) Would you feel comfortable being on a show like this? What are the pros and cons of being in front of the camera?

4) If your mom was on this show, would you be proud or uncomfortable?

5) Do you think viewers are meant to envy the wealth and beauty on the show or are we supposed to feel bad for them because they all seem so unhappy?

6) What serious issues has this show brought up that you were surprised by? (Wealth, religion, bullying, social awkwardness…)

7) Do the women seem truly happy?

Then make some of your own! Watching television does not have to be a passive experience, be sure to take advantage of the issues that your shows bring up.

Stay tuned for more posts and co-viewing guides for some Modern Family episodes, Gossip Girl, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glee and more!

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