Modern Family, Season 2 Episode 5: A Parent’s Discussion Guide for Co-Viewing with Their Kids

Parent Viewing Guide: Modern Family Season 2 Episode 5

We have had a lot of requests from our readers to delve into some of the popular TV shows and talk about how parents and teens can watch these shows together. We write a lot about ‘teachable moments’ where parents can use experiences to talk to and teach their teens important values and lessons. TV shows can actually be great opportunities for parents and teens to talk! In the next few weeks we will be posting about some of the episodes of popular shows that parents and teens can watch together along with talking points!

Summary of Modern Family: What is Modern Family?

If you have not seen Modern Family, it is a show depicting one large family, living in three different households and nuclear families. Modern Family number 1 is Phyl and Claire who are the parents of three kids–Alex, Haley and Luke. Modern Family 2 is Claire’s brother Mitchell, who has a life partner Cameron and adopted daughter Lily. Modern Family 3 is Claire and Mitchell’s father Jay who is married to Colombian Gloria and has adopted her son Manny. The show is about the three of these families interacting together and the struggles and strife’s of Modern Family.

Modern Family Season 2, Episode 3 Plot Summary:

In this episode Phil and Claire try to improve family communication by banning technology in the home. Gloria, Jay and Manny also try to get rid of a loud neighbors dog and Cameron and Mitchell are trying to get Lily into a good pre-school.

Modern Family Conversation Starters for Parents and Teens:

This episode actually brings up some great issues for parents and teens. Watching the show together and then discussing the episode during the commercials or after wards is a great way to bring up some of these touchy topics, get to know each other and build strong communication.

1. Do you think it was fair of Claire to ban all electronics?

2. Would you be able to go a day without electronics? A week?

3. How about going without your cell phone for a period of time?

4. Do you think other family members could go without their electronics?

5. How would life be better without electronics? Worse?

6. Would you be willing to try this as a family?

7. What would you do if you were in Gloria and Jay’s situation?

8. Was what Gloria did moral (taking the dog to another family)?

9. Do you think a fun, less prestigious school is better or a wealthy, exclusive school?

10. What kind of school would you send your kids to?

Try answering these questions together and bond over Modern Family.

Stay tuned for more posts and co-viewing guides for some Modern Family episodes, Gossip Girl, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glee and more!

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