10/29/10: Articles for Parents This Week

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We are now doing some co-viewing guides to popular teen/family TV shows. This is when we put together talking points and conversation starters for each episode so parents and teens can talk about what they see together…and use TV as a springboard for bonding and conversation.

A Parent’s Guide to Glee

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: What Parents Should Know While Watching

A Parent’s Guide to Modern Family

Top Articles:
Digitally Grounded: Discipline in a Technological Era
To discipline teens these days, it takes a lot more than a simple order to “Go to your room!”

How To Read Your Teen’s Face
A simple roll of the eye or a crack in a smile can say a lot about what your teen is really thinking.

Articles from Guests:

It is important to guide your teen, but not write the essay for them!

Articles from Teens:

Are Social Networks a Threat to Your Future?
Ways social network sites can effect how potential employers and schools see you.

How a New Attitude and a New Way of Thinking Can Help You Through a Tough Situation
One of our brave teens shares her story in hopes to inspire others to keep their hopes up.

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4th, 5th and 6th Grade Workshops

Vanessa Van Petten has recently been doing workshops for 4th, 5th and 6th graders all over the country after a recent study showed this was the target age for internet safety learning.  If you would like to bring Vanessa Van Petten into your community or school, please email manager@scienceofpeople.com for a list of programs.  Vanessa uses a unique method to reach kids on their level and understand the dangers, benefits, and tactics for navigating the online world.  She discusses cyberbullying, spam, privacy, safety, predators, online homework help and more.

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