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Evangeline is a 16-year old homeschooler from Malaysia. Her interests are reading, writing, Wikipedia, music and entertainment. She hopes to take Mass Communications and aspires to work in the media communications sector. She is thankful to her friends for helping her compile this list.

There have been many reports on the decline of reading among teens. Despite that, thankfully, the teen reading culture has not yet died out. One of the obvious current teen reading trends is reading books involving vampires. However, although that dominates the current teen reading scene, there are many other books that are popular among various groups of teens. The teen reading scene tends to be a quite stable one and I have compiled a list of six of what I believe to be in the current teen reading trend. Some are old books that have been around for quite some time (and are still popular!) while others are new books that are the ‘in’ thing to be read.

1. General popular book series

Let me start with books that are both popular and that are in the ‘ in’ trend with teenage boys and girls. Book series has always been popular with both sexes. Authors of book series have to create a mouth-watering first book and then it wouldn’ t take much to get the demand for a book continuation going. Walk past a bookshop during the book launch of a book in a popular series and you will see long queues of young people excited to be getting their copy of the book. Two very popular book series that sell like hot cakes among teens is
the Twilight and Harry Potter series. Ask any average teen to name book series that he has read and either one or both of these series will most likely be in the list. Another series that is also very popular among teens is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Despite being around for over half a century, this series still continue to attract a sizable amount of readers, many of whom are teens.

2. M anga

Originating from Japan, manga is making huge waves in the United States and many other countries. It is mainly popular with young people and has helped spread Japanese culture in various forms everywhere. Manga can be bought at a cost-effective price and many readers have gone on to watching anime after reading manga.

3. Science-fiction

Star Wars. The name says it all. Written by various writers, new Star Wars books are continually in the market and don’ t even start thinking that Star Wars is just a fad. Another book series in this category that is very popular among teens is The Hunger Games trilogy. In addition to being top-rated among book readers, two books in this series were New York Times bestsellers.

4. Chick lit

Chick lit has always been popular among teenage girls and will continue to be popular among them. Books in this genre usually top the bestseller lists and it is easy to see why. Many times there is the romance element in chick lit books and girls like that.

5. Entertainment magazines

Entertainment magazines sell well among teenagers, especially teenage girls. Many times, these magazines come with freebies, contests, and giveaways. Posters of celebrities that come from these magazines and which adorn the room walls of teenagers are an example. Furthermore, like everyone else, teenagers also like “ juicy news” .

6. Old favorite classicsDespite thousands of new books being published yearly, the good ol’ classics will never die out. Books by Jane Austen are an example. Her popular book, Pride and Prejudice, is still widely read by readers worldwide, especially among teenage girls.
Other old books that are still around in the teenage reading list are Sherlock Holmes and books by Mark Twain, such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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  1. Chelsea
    November 2, 2010 at 5:08 am #

    I hate the term “chick lit” but I’m glad to see people of any age reading. Even if the Twilight books aren’t the best written things in the world, they are books and it’s important for teenagers and kids to be excited about reading.


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