BOOK REVIEW: Mission: Explore by the Geography Collective

Gema is a 19-year old from Miami, FL. She loves reading and writing young adult fiction and claims to pass out in the presence of sterile wit.

MISSION:EXPLORE by The Geography Collective

200 pages, Can of Worms, £5.96,

Where are your kids right now? Where are your little brothers or sisters? Chances are that they are either playing a video game, watching television or on the computer friending strangers on the latest social network. I may sound like I’m nineteen going on ninety by saying this, but kids these days don’t do much that doesn’t involve sitting around. They’ve lost the motivation to poke and probe at the mysteries of the world.

This is why I was interested in Mission: Explore by The Geography Collective. It’s a small handbook, easy to carry around and look through. In its pages are 102 “missions” to get kids to explore and learn about their surroundings. The authors consider themselves “Guerrilla Geographers” who value the importance of exploring and questioning the world. The missions are fun, simple and encourage imagination. Some of my favorites are:

-#3 Forget the Internet: The mission is to post blog entries on the street instead of on the internet.

-#28 R.I.P.:  This mission tugged at my heartstrings. The explorers are to find the oldest person buried in their local graveyard and leave them a flower.

-#89 Buy, Buy, Buy: This mission is one of my favorites because it makes the explorer aware of the effect of advertisements. The explorers are to calculate all the advertisements they see in a day and analyze how much they would end up spending if they actually bought every single product. And, if they were to spend that much, how many hours would they have to work to afford it.

I liked that some missions have warnings. They’re a surprisingly good way to promote responsibility. For example, mission #85’s warning is to ask permission from land owners before attempting to make a food and flower garden.

Other warnings are helpful for all occasions:

-Avoid steep hills, brick walls, and other dangerous features when holding a dry swimming race with skateboards.

-It’s never a good idea to touch a dead animal

-Do not climb too high or on slippery surfaces.

And many more.

Mission:Explore also has a first aid section, good for both children and adults. It provides basic information for dealing with bleeding, broken bones, burns, poisoning, suffocating/choking, insect bites/stings and drowning.

I strongly recommend Mission:Explore by The Geography Collective. It’s a book all kids should have to get them away from various screens of mind-dulling entertainment. It’ll broaden their knowledge and view of the world. Your mission today is to get this book in kids hands as soon as possible.

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