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Ichien is a 17 year old who was born and raised in Queens, NY. During her free time, she can be found in the midst of crowded streets shopping, going to a movie theater, filming, reading or writing. She loves the bright city lights at night and adores the city that never sleeps. She has a passion for filming and writing and hopes that one day she can make use of her passion to inspire the world.

“Mom . . .Dad . . . I’m gay,” announced the boy.

“WHAT! Sweetie, stop joking around. You’re a boy so you’re suppose to like girls,” reasoned the mother.

“Son, you are a man so act like a man. I cannot have this nonsense,” yelled the father.

“Mom, Dad, when are you going to accept this? This is who I am and I can’t change that. All I want is your love and acceptance. Can I get that from you . . .Mom, Dad?”

“Son, I’m sorry to say that we are against what you’re doing and we cannot accept this,” said the father firmly.

This conversation is similar to many conversations out there said by people who are coming out of the closet and trying to get acceptance from their parents. Is being different really that disgusting? Is being whom you are so repulsive that you have to conform to society?

Living the life of a teenager is rough because it’s the time when teens are finding their niche in the world and discovering what kind of people they are. Teens are also experimenting with their sexuality. Imagine how it is like with wholesome gay teens that are struggling with being comfortable in their own skin because society is unwilling to accept who they really are.

There are some teenagers who attempted suicide and some unfortunately succeeded. However, did you ever stop to think that out of those teenagers who committed suicide, quite a few of them were gay? Does it really come down to this? Does society really cause that great of an impact on people?

On September 22, 2010, Tyler Clementi, an eighteen year old freshman at Rutgers University in Piscataway, Township, New Jersey jumped off the George Washington in an apparent suicide. Tyler’s reason of committing suicide resulted because his roommate, Dharun Ravi and a hallmate, Molly Wei video streamed Tyler’s sexual encounter with a man in his dorm on the Internet without Tyler’s consent. This is one of the many cases that illustrate the suicides among LGBT youth relating to ridicule and harassment. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network said that, “there has been heightened media attention surrounding the suicides in New Jersey, Texas, California, Indiana and Minnesota.” In the same month, Asher Brown, 13, Billy Lucas, 15 and Seth Walsh, 13, committed suicide because they were taunted about their homosexuality.

This is becoming a national issue because teenagers are taking away their own lives just because they don’t feel like they belong in society. Like Tyler Clementi, many teens are being bullied for their sexuality. Some parents also make it harder for their teens because they are completely neglecting their teens’ sexuality. Parents are supposed to support their children and provide love unconditionally. If parents are against their teens’ decision and not supporting them 100%, how do you expect them to face the cruel society? How do you expect society to accept them if their own parents can’t? This is something that all parents should think about.

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