11/5/10: Articles for Parents This Week

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I am doing part II of my teleclass on the Sex Talk and Sexuality for parents of teens!
Your Teen + Your Sex Talks = Great Decisions! Teens need tons of help, support and information if they are going to wait to have sex! This means you! You’ll be happy to know that parents are teens’ primary influence when it comes to making decisions about sexuality, love and relationships. We will cover just what teens need to hear from you when it comes to dating and relationships. What you need to know to keep help them wait to have sex, resist pressure, understand what a healthy relationship looks like and make smart decisions about sex and relationships.
Amy and Vanessa have teamed up to bring you the info you need to confidently talk to your kids about sex, love, and relationships. You’ll become empowered, confident and excited about talking to your kids about this important part of life!

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Top Articles:

Is Your Teen Passive Aggressive?
How to handle teen passive aggressiveness and help them become more aware of their behavior and become better communicators.  

Why Your Teenager Feels Immortal
This universal teen phenomenon can be addressed in a few ways to protect their health and safety.

Articles from Guests:

What You Should Know About Developing Your Teens’ Self-Confident Mentality
Emily-Anne Rigal, the sixteen-year-old founder of WeStopHate, gives simple yet effective ways to empower teens with good self-esteem.

Responding Versus Reacting [Guest Post]
Author Debra Beck gives 7 tips to improve parent-teen communication through responding rather than reacting.

Articles from Teens:

Raising Awareness for LGBT
The month of September was witness to many tragedies dealing with teens who felt like they didn’t belong in society. Parents need to open their eyes to what their kids deal with day to day.

Letter to my Younger Self
Sound advice from a 16 year old to her 12 year old self includes being nicer to your parents, not acting impulsively, and more.

Parenting Advice: That Makes Sense!?
Sometimes the smallest action can cause the largest reaction. Lesson to learn: think before you act!

BOOK REVIEW: Mission:Explore by the Geography Collective
A book that promotes exploring and questioning the world challenge every teen’s inclination to sit around in front of a computer or TV all day.

Current Teen Reading Trend
6 new trends in the teen reading scene that go beyond Harry Potter and Twilight.

Say Cheese and Cry
The trials and tribulations of the dreaded Picture Day.

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