How to Save on Your Next Plane Ticket Before and After You Buy

I’m pretty obsessed with getting the best deal on my airline ticket, but there are still times when I buy and think I’ve gotten the best deal, only to check again the next day and see fares have actually dropped. Fortunately there is a great service out there I now use for every trip I take, and it’s called Yapta.

Yapta helps you track the cost of an itinerary you’re looking to book before and after you actually make your purchase. The genius of this free service though becomes apparent once you tell it how much you actually paid for that ticket. You put in the price you paid and Yapta will check the price of that ticket every day. If the price drops, Yapta alerts you and instructs you how to go about getting a refund from the airline for the difference.

This service works really well if you fly on discount airlines like JetBlue a lot, because they won’t charge you anything if their fares drop. The major carriers though will sometimes charge you up to $150 (even though you aren’t actually changing your tickets, they want to charge you the fee anyway). Yapta knows this and sets the target price it will alert you at to incorporate the required fee by airline.

If you’re looking for some guidance before you pull the trigger and buy your ticket, check out Bing Travel. A little known feature of Bing Travel actually predicts whether a ticket on a route your about to purchase will rise or fall over the next seven days. It also tells you how confident Bing is so you can make an informed decision.

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