Teens and Animal Rights

Alekxa is a 16-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys running, eating, volunteering, and being with her friends.

Far too many teens are oblivious to all the animal cruelty in the world. In our very own societies, people do not realize the injustices that occur right in front of us. Animal rights needs to be discussed more within the school systems and in the media as this problem progresses. Everyone must be informed if there is any hope of this getting better. We must all work together in order to fight against this appalling problem and teens can be the perfect advocates, as this generation can pave the way for the future.

There are a myriad of different cruelties each and everyday which most people are completely unaware of or indifferent to as they do not feel personally affected by this. Animal hoarding, chaining and tethering, equine, and farmanimal cruelty to name a few. These animals inhumane living conditions often result in short, painful lives.

Other forms of abuse which are called to the public more often include: blood sports, (such as dog and cockfighting), animals in entertainment (such as circus, greyhound racing, and rodeo cruelty), and exotic pet trade. Keeping wild animals as pets can be particularly risky as this poses a threat to public health and safety, disrupting ecosystems and driving species to endangerment and extinction. You will single handedly be contributing to the suffering of millions of animals, as well as the poor housing and nutrition the animals more times than not receive.

There is good news though! In the world, there are just as many decent people who care and are willing to aid the fight against animal abuse and neglect. Although it is great how adults and senior citizens alike take the time to act caring and appreciative of animalsteens need to step it up and become more proactive. There are a multitude of things to do to help, so we all need to find the pursuit that interests us and makes us feel the most fulfilled.

Teenagers must first educate themselves and become aware of all the inhumane practices. Animal welfare is key, as most people tend to forget-we share the Earth with other living things. Donating to organizations like, “ASPCA” and “PETA” are great ways to support the cause. PETA is an organization, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, which can be intense and outrageous trying to get their point heard, so doing your own research becomes essential to how comfortable you feel participating.

In your own communities, volunteering is essential to truly make a difference and have self-worth. Working at a humane shelter, and pet stores are amazing ways to experience working with animals first hand and really realizing how big an impact we can all make daily. Also, not buying products tested on animals and not supporting games and/or races that exploit animals in an intense or stressful environment. Above all, spreading the word is key to stop the abuse and stand up for animal rights. Telling family, friends, and your whole community will end up making the greatest difference in the long run, as we need everyone working together in order to end animal abuse once and for all.

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