What’s Your Favorite Class?

Okunyi is a 16-year-old from Seattle, WA. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing soccer. Her favorite subject is chemistry because she wants to be a pharmacist.

School has different connotations for all students. Some think that it’s a great place to be, and some people think it’s a lot of work. Although at one point in every student’s academic career, they are bound to feel stress over school, there are always a few classes that get you through it. That class where you feel like you can understand everything that’s going on or that you find to be interesting. My favorite classes in school would have to be Chemistry, and sewing class. I also like English class because I like writing. These are my favorite classes because I think that chemistry is very interesting. Sewing class is a class that has taught me new things and I’m always up for an experience to learn something new. Students often find motivation to work harder and do better because of those few special classes.

Chemistry, and sewing class are pretty opposite subjects, but I like them because of different reasons. They are great classes because in Chemistry I am constantly being challenged and learning things that I haven’t before. Having a class that propels you forward in thinking is a great thing to have. It is one of my favorite classes because there are lots of concepts that are involved in chemistry. There is always more to understand and there isn’t a definite answer to every question.

I originally took sewing class to fulfill an elective requirement, but as time went on, I found it to be fun. I think this is a good class because I had it at the end of the day, so whenever I was feeling stressed or had a lot to study; it was nice to go to that class. When I went to sewing class all of my stress from the day melted away with the whirl of the sewing machine. With each new pattern and color I put into my sewing projects, the more I became fascinated with the fact that this class could get me to forget most of my cares for about fifty-five minutes each day.

Sometimes it can be difficult picking your favorite class because there are so many appealing subjects, but my favorite classes are Chemistry and sewing. I believe that having some classes or even one class you really like can make all the difference in school. I like these classes because now I am gaining a lot of knowledge about chemistry, and that that will help me in college. I have also learned how to make a quilt, and that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. Next time you are signing up for classes, try taking a course you normally wouldn’t because it may end up being your favorite class.

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