11/12/10: Articles for Parents This Week

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Your Teen + Your Sex Talks = Great Decisions! Teens need tons of help, support and information if they are going to wait to have sex! This means you! You’ll be happy to know that parents are teens’ primary influence when it comes to making decisions about sexuality, love and relationships. We will cover just what teens need to hear from you when it comes to dating and relationships. What you need to know to keep help them wait to have sex, resist pressure, understand what a healthy relationship looks like and make smart decisions about sex and relationships. Amy and Vanessa have teamed up to bring you the info you need to confidently talk to your kids about sex, love, and relationships. You’ll become empowered, confident and excited about talking to your kids about this important part of life!
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Top Articles:

Getting a Teen to Do Something They Don’t Like
A six-step guide to getting your typical stubborn teen to do the things they don’t always want to do.

Can We Teach Social Literacy?
What social literacy is and how RadicalParenting is helping to improve it amongst teens and adults alike.

Articles from Guests:

Making Intelligence Cool
Chris Frank, founder of Ignition Tutoring, explains why mentors are key to fostering your kid’s thirst for knowledge and success.

Articles from Teens:

Teens and Animal Rights
How teens can help the fight against animal cruelty.

Winter Reads
Seven new releases this winter will satisfy your appetite for new good reads.

Dream School vs. Dream Deal
Often the toughest part of college decisions is whether to follow the dream or the financial aid.

Your Step to Step Guide to Helping Your Teen Get into College/University
14 steps for parents to better understand the pressures of college admissions and to help their teen overcome them.

The Tyler Clementi Story: Culture Clash
A look into the other side of the Clementi tragedy.

Challenge Day: Transforming the Attitudes of our Youths
A new program designed to challenge young people’s minds and abolish discrimination, violence and rumors.

College Survival Guide
Five ways to make your next four years as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

Modern Family: From a Teen’s Lens
How the family sitcom rose above the growing mound of reality TV.

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