Best Gifts for Teenagers 2010: Gift Ideas for Teen Girls and Boys

I know holiday gift shopping for teens and tweens can be stressful. Here we have asked our teen interns to weigh in on the best gifts this year. We have split this post into a few different categories. Best gifts for teenagers in general and then specialized sections on best gifts for teenage girls, best gifts for teenage boys and best unique gifts for teenagers. Enjoy, feel free to add your favorites in the comments!

Best Gifts for Teenagers This Holiday Season

MindFlex: This is something that all boys will love. It allows for you to actually move a tiny foam ball with your mind. Simply snap on the lightweight headset and well, think! The headset measures your brainwaves in minutes, he’ll become Mr. Psychogenesis.

Rubik’s Slide: Hey, here’s one of those few things that can get him confused! A newer version of the Rubik’s Cube, it is almost impossible to figure out. See how long it takes for him to stop obsessing over it. I bet not for days.

Kindle Wifi: You know he loves to read, but isn’t it such a hassle to bring different books everywhere? Will now you don’t have to worry about losing any books anymore because he’ll have the Kindle Wifi! This device allows him to read any book, just by a touch. Before you know it, this will be with him everywhere you go.

Subscriptions: Pass by a newsstand during after-school hours and chances are you will see teenagers hanging there reading magazines. Not every teenager have the money to subscribe to a magazine on a monthly or yearly basis. Buy your teenager friend a subscription to their favorite magazine. What do you think are their interests? Entertainment? Writing? Fashion? Technology? Sports? Anime? Before buying the magazine subscription, please keep in mind that not every magazine have appropriate material and you might want to check it first.

Water-resistant USB Thumb Drive: These are always useful for teens who are printing out papers last minute, at school or in computer labs. Water resistant is important because—well, you know, we spill everything.

Wireless Speakers: Maybe check with the teen’s parents first…and if you are a teen’s parents, do not keep scrolling through this one just yet. Wireless speakers for an ipod or MP3 can be awesome for more than just vibrating your house’s walls. These can be brought down for the family to enjoy during game night, days by the pool or when coking dinner.

Solar Computer Backpack: Does your teen have a ton of electronics? This might help keep everything charged (I kinda want one).

iTrain: This is a great way to encourage your kids to be active and a new way to workout.  These are workout programs for your kid’s MP3 or iPod.

Happy Socks: This Swedish hosiery company makes us want to never wear plain black socks again. Offering a literal rainbow of color palettes and patterns, the socks seem like the kind of thing you may see an accidentally stylish 6-year-old wearing, but there’s no reason we can’t treat our feet too. With a few pairs of these, we plan on rocking open toed shoes ’til the first snow hits.

Chalkboard Wallies: If your teen has been begging you for a room makeover, this can hold them off a few more months…this spray paint can be put on walls to create chalkboards.  This can give them lots to do and make their room very cool.

One of our Best Books for Teens and Tweens: Check out this post on our favorite books for teens and tweens.

Whatever they asked for: Hello! If they made a list for you, stop reading this one and get them what they want! So often, people do not listen (or ask) directly what they want for Christmas. So, ask them, or ask their best friend.

Best Gifts for Teenage and Tween Girls

Earringbuds Your kid always wearing earbuds? At least they can look like jewelry now. Also check out Earbud Charms.
Kubit2Me Is a great party activity for teen and tween girls or sisters.
Contessa Picture Purses Put special pictures of their friends or family on their wallets or purses.
MiJa Mom-Daughter Jewelry Mija is a darling company that designs jewelry for Mom and daughter- bangles, necklaces…pretty cute.

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Perfume: This fashionista’s perfume is one of the few ones that I think manages to smell sophisticated, yet innocent and fresh at the same time. No matter how your child feels on a day, grown or wanting to be a carefree youngster, they can always be sure that it is the right scent.

Best Gifts for Teenage or Tween Boys

Madden NFL 11 (XBOX 360): Help him feel like the touchdown hero he really is with this down to the core guy game With every noise and move, they’ll feel like they are playing in the actual team instead of moving their fingers.. It’s no secret that tween guys love their video games, but when you mix that with sports, your athlete will have gotten a taste of heaven.

Nike Dri-FIT Franchise Mesh Men’s Basketball Shorts: These shorts are designed to fit him comfortably while moving and in a fashion that won’t make him look like he’s homeless. It also swipes off the sweat so that when he comes home from a game, you’ll both be happy, him with his fun smell, you with your still clean smelling house.

Ripstick G Caster Board: Does he want to try something new because his skateboard is kind of becoming boring? Well then the Ripstick G is a great gift. It combines skateboarding and snowboarding and resembles a traditional skateboard. It takes only minutes to master and moves with subtle movements. His friends will awe at it and so will him.

Dart Board: Soft-Tip Dart Game: Notice the soft tips, darts can be a great thing for kids to do offline and the soft tips will not poke someone’s eye out.

Gator Razor – Shaver: Boys can always use a cool/funky/first time shaver or razor.  I know my boyfriend was psyched when he got one that cleaned itself (but its so loud in the morning ugh.)

NHL Stanley Cup Air Hockey Game: We always wanted one of these in my house.  If you have boys, and you have the room, this can be a great gift.

Best Unique Gifts for Teens

Rosetta Stone or other Language Courses: Some kids love learning languages (some hate it) but some of the langauge courses can be great for travel savvy teens or kids who are really excited for High School spanish.

Trip: We are getting into some of the more expensive gifts, but there are some great learning trips and cheaper adventure trips teens and kids can go on during summer break or after graduating. Intrepid is a great program provider.

Portable Charger: This is for techies teens (read: almost all teens). Basically this device charges at home and stores the energy so when your cell phone/mp3 player is running out of battery, you can charge it on the road. The Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800 is an example.

Get-out-of-trouble free Coupon: A suggestion by one of our teens…the question is are parents willing to risk it? :D (invalid after one use?)

Record-O-Clip: This could be a present for everyone.  You know how you or your kids are always nagging each other not to forget lunch, sign a test or take messages after someone calls? This is a pretty cool device where you can leave short recorded messages for people.  I think ti would be great to leave a message for your kids to remind them of their daily schedule, or have a relative who has trouble remembering what to pick up from the store, or to put by the phone instead of pen and paper.

Fogless Shower Mirror: If your daughter or kids take forever getting ready in the morning, especially if (like in my house) you had a girl who takes a shower, does her hair and ‘a little’ but of make-up before school, you should consider getting a fogless shower mirror, they are really cool!

Butter By Nadia: Ok, I admit, this went on my wishlist as soon as one of my teens showed it to me. It is a single piece of fabric that can be worn about 60 different ways as a wrap dress, pants, scarf, suit, shall, top…and has really cute video demos.  A little pricey but it is like 80 different outfits!

Personalized Converse Sneakers: Converse are very in right now and you can get your teen/tween a pair and then show them how to customize their converse! Very fun, very cool and very DIY.

Carbon Offset “The basic idea of a carbon offset is to figure out your personal contribution level to the global warming problem.  This contribution is called a “carbon footprint.”  Your purchase funds reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offsets help you take personal responsibility for the environmental consequences of your activities.” I think more and more teens are going green and this is a great way to encourage that trend.

TokyoPop Manga: If you do not know about Manga, you should.  TokyoPop seems to be the most popular brand amongst kids and tweens. Even for non-Manga fans, some of the cheap and cute books could be a fun alternative to the boring books under the christmas tree while still getting them to read over break!

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