What Your Holiday Gift Wish list Says About You

Recently, I found my wish list from when I was seven. Here is what it said (minus spelling errors):

Barbie with the brown hair and blue sequin dress and perfume bottle

Little Pony Purple

Corral for horses and troughs  (I had miniature plastic horses and wanted a plastic coral and troughs for them)

Pretty Princess make-up kit

Disneyland with Caroline 1 day (my best friend and I both asked for this so we could go together)

No piano lessons

When reading this wish list, I think you can get a pretty good idea of what kind of seven year-old I was: girly, girly, girly. I liked anything that was small, plastic and colorful (sequins helped). Seeing my wish list made me think, what does your gift list say about you?

I began to ask friends what they are wishing for this holiday season. First, I was struck with the surprise that my friends showed when I asked them this question. “What I want for Christmas? Aren’t I too old for that?” They would ask. Or, “my parents have even stopped asking me that question.” Here, I would argue that the question was not meant to make them miss the days of letters to Santa, but think about what their modern day wish list would be and if it says anything about them. Here were a few of the answers (both realistic and not).

To have my college loans paid off

An iPad

A boyfriend

A trip to Thailand

A new sound system in my car

Each of these items did actually speak volumes about the person. My iPad requesting friend is very into technology and the latest and greatest gadget. The person who wanted a new sound system for his car is a musician on his free time and is very particular about his music taste (that is a nice way of putting it). My friend who wanted a boyfriend has baby on the brain and is quickly approaching her thirties.

What do you think your gift wish list says about you? And, another question that makes great conversation topics is, what did you want when you were seven…has it changed much?

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