Three Tools to Improve Your Online Sales Rates

A lot of our readers sell online products via their website to support their travels around the world or simply earn a few extra dinners a month. What many don’t realize though is that their sales can be increased considerably by analyzing the process their website visitors use to buy those products. There may be a button people can’t find, or a form with too many questions is discouraging people to sign up for your email list. Everyone knows about Google Analytics and Website Optimizer, but here are three tools you might consider using to gain greater insight into your online conversion process.


ClickTale records the actual visits of visitors to certain pages on your website. You can actually see the mouse move as people click around your website, and more importantly when the click off. This will help you identify problem areas, see which parts of pages people are stopping to read or look at, and how far down the average reader scrolls.


I’m a huge sucker for heat maps, and thats exactly what CrazyEgg delivers. CrazyEgg shows you a heatmap of clicks on your webpage which you can sort by operating system, browser type, etc. Putting their snippet of code on your home page for example will help show you which buttons people are clicking, which ones they aren’t and perhaps help you decide how to organize your page so more people find what they’re looking for.

Unbounce and Performable

The biggest mistake I see people making when they sell a product on their website is to not have a dedicated, optimized landing page (or even better, landing path) for the product. If you are trying to sell something to a person, focus their attention on that goal! These two services make designing, rolling out and testing the efficacy of your sales pages so easy, you really have no excuse not to do it.

What tools do you use to improve the efficiency of your online sales process?

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  1. professional web design
    March 27, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    That’s a great list. I’ve bookmarked this and am in the process of checking out each of these.

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