10 Tips for Concert Lovers for the Best Concert Going Experience

Alizen is a 17 year old High School Senior and photographer from Los Angeles, CA. Her dream school is Stanford University and she hopes to become an entertainment lawyer.

On September 26, over 50,000 concert-goers attended the Epicenter Festival at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Not even scorching hot temperatures that surpassed 110 degrees could stop the crowd as they quickly filed through the metal bars in anticipation for Blink-182, A Day To Remember, Rise Against, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and many other bands. While the festival maintained an upbeat attitude, some unfortunate individuals were impacted by the tumultuous conditions. Love going to concerts but hate going through the trouble? Here are some helpful tips to have a more pleasant and enjoyable concert experience.

10. Dress comfortably. While summertime is the perfect excuse to dress in shorts, bikini tops, and dresses, always remember that festivals last all day. Advise your children to bring a jacket, comfortable shoes, or a change of clothes.

9. Stay hydrated. Vendors at the Epicenter Festival charged $5 dollars for a bottle of water and $6 dollars for ice-cold lemonade. In order to avoid paying extreme amounts, pack at least one bottle of water. Most concerts remove the cap, but it is a cheaper and more convenient way to save money for better things (like t-shirts!).

8. Pack lightly. You wouldn’t let your kids bring valuables to school, so make sure they keep them at home when leaving for a festival. In the midst of a performance, their focus remains on the stage, therefore leaving possessions vulnerable for theft. A few dollars and identification are essential, but leave the iPod at home!

7. Wear sunscreen. Many concerts offer free packets of sun block for forgetful concertgoers! Don’t let your children be one of them. Make sure to remind them the importance of lathering! Always reapply every six hours to maximize protection!

6. Bring earplugs. Teens are more susceptible to deafness. Speakers will be approximately ten feet away, and while blasting music at home is normal behavior for them, the decibel level at a concert will leave their ears ringing by the end of the night.

5. Take pictures. What a better way to preserve memories than by bringing a digital camera! But try to keep away from taking pictures of the bands during their performance. Enjoy watching your favorite band live and leave the photo-taking to the professionals at the pit!

4. Watch your back. There is no age limit to having fun, but there is an age limit to drinking. Most concert-goers spend money on intoxicating beverages and become public nuisances once inebriated. It is important to teach your children to be wary of suspicious people.

3. Be respectful. Parents may bring children under ten to the event, so in order to assure their safety, your children should express moderately acceptable behavior. You wouldn’t want your children to be exposed to drugs, alcohol, and bad language, so save that for another day!

2. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. You’re all there for the same reason. Concerts are a great way to make new friends, so don’t be shy; strike up a conversation!

1. Have fun. Go ahead. Sing at the top of your lung and dance around like nobody’s watching. You paid for it, now go and enjoy it!

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