Art: The Benefits That You shouldn’t Overlook

Jennifer is a 17-year old from Long Island, NY. She enjoys playing squash and the violin. Her favorite subject is English because she loves to write and read.

A recent SAT essay question was to state your opinion on whether art programs in schools should be required or not. Recently with many schools making budget cuts, art programs are the programs that are being cut. However, schools should think twice before eliminating the arts. According to, “art, in thought and through the creative processes, activates the imaginative and creative side, the spatial and intuitive side of our brain. Art jumps over the process of linear and logical thinking. It trains the brain to shift into thinking differently, mobdro of broaching old problems in new ways.” Many others also feel that the arts give a well-rounded education to students. The website www. is dedicated to keep art programs in public schools.

From my perspective, I never was an amazingly talented artist. However, I stuck with art throughout my years at school and have found it an enjoyable class that breaks up my day from going from class to class just taking notes or taking tests. From my art class I have learned to take chances and risks. My class has also allowed me to be myself Mobdro for iPhone and not be afraid to do something wrong or say the wrong answer. Art classes allow students and kids to have more freedom in thought then perhaps a math or science class. If art programs are not available at a school, investing some time trying to find a studio or place to take classes outside of schools is a great idea.

The arts are not limited to painting and drawing; playing an instrument, singing, computer design, ceramics, and more are all art.
Sometimes kids can be stubborn in sticking to the arts, but art is really beneficial. Like math or history, art can be frustrating and challenging but art is advantageous. It makes one think outside the box and apply them self differently than studying from a textbook. The world is made up of art, from book covers to buildings art surrounds us. If your school has art classes encourage your children to take a class, if your school doesn’t, seek art classes outside of school. One may discover a new interest and passion that they want to further explore, and the advantages of the arts are numerous!

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