The Downsides of Scene

Lily is a 16-year-old from Placentia, CA. She enjoys playing guitar, writing, and watching movies. Her favorite subject is Language Arts.

Throughout the years, subcultures have appeared and died, started arguments, created a safe-haven for outsiders and the like, as well as introduced movements and triumphs that broke the rules and shook the “norm” to its core. Even if the generation of trend-breaking teens soon grew up into tired adults, their actions, music and styles had a meaning and left many fingerprints on the past.

It’s unfortunate to note then, that my generation hasn’t a single substantial subculture to show for itself. While the 60’s had the hippies, 70’s the punks, and 80’s the New Wavers, by the 90’s and a bit later, nothing was happening. Now, as far as music and fashion are concerned, everything is recycled. What was innovative is now tiring and overrated. What was groundbreaking and different is now irritating or boring. But through the mound of so-called subcultures that are appearing mobdro in today’s generation of teens, the one I believe to be the worst, is: Scene.

Scene could be summed up in a few words, shallow being one of them, regurgitated being another. For not only did it not begin as an original idea, there are so many pointless fads in the subculture that everyone looks and acts like a clone. My complaints with Scene don’t lie with the individual person, because behind the excessive make up, hair spray, and sparkly, nearly-blinding clothing, a real person with unique thoughts and feelings lies inside, but is too afraid to really speak. Scene is now an excuse to be like everyone else, to fit in for the sake of fitting in, to completely change your likes and dislikes so you can feel like you belong. I understand, being an adolescent, that loneliness can be crippling. Feeling like a loner, that no one really understands you, is terrible. I feel for the teen who hides themselves behind a stereotype, because I’ve done it, and sometimes I subconsciously still do. But changing yourself to fit a certain popular mold is not the way to ease such pain. Wouldn’t it be better Mobdro for iPhone to be yourself and find others who enjoy the same things you do, then to completely change yourself to get people to like you? Friendships are built on genuine similarities, not forced and dishonest ones.

While some can argue that past subcultures create the same following, teens who hide behind their clothes and music, I feel that most of the movements were some-what liberating. It was less of a way to hide and more of a way to rebel. I feel that Scene is doing the complete opposite, instead referring back to worrying about what’s “trendy” and what isn’t, and completely missing the point of pushing for something new. Scene now consists of large, overly-done, obnoxious hair, and thoughtless music. What ever happened to creativity and effort in the music world, instead of obnoxious screaming and pointlessly inappropriate lyrics? More emphasis is put on how you look than who you are, in regards to both music and clothes. In the end, everyone looks over-done and rebellious, but they don’t seem to hold the same attitude. Something’s missing from this modern subculture. Perhaps it’s heart?

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  1. Chelsea
    November 22, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    You have amazing insight. Having been part of the heavy metal scene in the early-mid 80’s, that was definitely where I hung my hat and felt comfortable. Had I been born a decade later, I would’ve been part of the so-called grunge generation, although I detest that term. The thing is it’s all relative. Nirvana would’ve been called punk in the 70’s or heavy metal in the 80’s. Because they came along in the 90’s, the media hung “grunge” on them as a label.

    My point is that your comment about “thoughtless music” really resonates with me. I have wondered if I missed out on raves, being older than the average person that goes, but I just can’t get into a lot of the music associated with that. I think any “scene” a teenager is into should have good, thought-provoking, get off your bum and do something about your world and the world in general, music as the soundtrack to it.

    The fact that you are able to see some things very clearly and know what doesn’t resonate with you is fantastic. Keep playing guitar and writing. You can make whatever you want of your world, Lily.


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