13 Methods for Building Self-Confidence

Hana is a 14-year-old from Egypt; she has high anticipation on becoming a successful journalist someday. Fitness and Fashion are her preferred interests. Although she’ s crazy and wild, when it comes to her future she becomes a completely different person.

Self confidence has always been one of the most common issues among teens. However, why do we always have to look at the dark side? Why don’t we consider the good before the bad?

“I am pretty, just the way I am.”

Saying this phrase could possibly change one’s entire attitude, as it not only make us feel good but it also gives us strength and it inspires one to be more of who they really are. Yet, for a person to be able to love himself and have enough confidence to make it through the day, he has got to be able to face all the challenges that would come in the way.

The question remains: How to build self confidence?

But the most important thing is to know how to believe in yourself…and here is how:

1) Focus on your achievements, not your failures; which mean that whenever you find yourself thinking about what you just failed at,
remind yourself of all the great things you’ve done and accomplished.

2) Find a person who inspires you most, and make it a habit to say ‘I am [X], and [X] is me’ everyday as soon as wake up.

3) Do not under any circumstances compare yourself to others; this will not only bring you down, but it will also ruin all the confidence you have built.

4) Help others be more confident about their selves. This may sound unfamiliar, but I believe that the things that seem hard for us to do
are the things we could encourage people to do best.

5) Respond to compliments with a smile or by thanking the person; do not by any means roll your eyes or shrug it off.

6) If you have something to say, don’t think about it, say it immediately. Most of us prefer to think if the thing we are about to say If appropriate or not; and by the time we’re done deciding, the topic is most probably changed…and that’s how it always goes.

7) Eye contact. It’s so cliché and has been said a lot, but it actually works.

8) Compliment people or just say hi. It is common but great, really. Practicing your social skills and talking to people could truly boost
your confidence.

*Besides feeling good about yourself and knowing how to communicate with others, you must also look presentable, if not your best.

 9) Pay attention to your eating habits. This doesn’t mean that you should develop a disorder or abuse your body, but try avoiding junk
and go for healthier food; not only for your looks, but for your health too.

10) Shower, or make sure you look clean and smell good. Smelling bad and having people trying to stay away from you would only make you feel worse; so try to avoid it.

11) Stand up for yourself and don’t let others question your morals. Some people are so fond of their beliefs and opinions that they cannot let others, who aren’t the same, in.

12) Try to find yourself. Either by developing a great habit, making a change, or perfecting your passions; you’ll feel great that you have
something special that no one has.

13) Remember that no one’s perfect. You can’t have everything in life, and in order to get something one must lose something else; nevertheless, you should be grateful for what you have.

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