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Christina is a 13 year old from Fanwood, New Jersey that enjoys flirting, reading, and can’t live without internet. She’s crazy, have no modesty, but somehow, still likable. Her favorite subject is English since she likes to show off her writing skills.

Did you ever have that teacher, the kind that made you laugh but learn at the same time, the kind thathelped make school just a bit less complicated and more fun? I have. My seventh grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. P, was one of those. He was a tall guy, as most of his students guessed, was probably in his early thirties. What made him stand out against the rest of the adults in the school was that he understood that how the student’s were feeling and took it into consideration. He also managed to get us interested about what most of us thought was a very snooze worthy subject.

As we talked in class, he would occasionally throw in some witty comment, dorky jokes, or just a funny opinion. It helped the teens that sat before him understand that adults humor and theirs wasn’t very different, and that made him very relatable and comfortable to be around. We, the students, felt comfortable to talk to him, therefore, we were more likely to express our honest opinion on a subject. Because we could bring ourselves to ask more questions, we understood what we were learning more clearly.

But the teacher wasn’t always about fun. He made it clear from the first day that we would have to earn the fun we get in class. By that, everyone had to pass the class and behave respectfully. He gave us weekly pop quizzes that somehow always managed to catch us off guard. They were real hard too. They required you to really dig into your brain to remember the materials you had learned in the past days. If you didn’t do well on one of those quizzes, it really brought your grade down. That was the reason I went home every day and reviewed over every material and notes I took on that day, so the next day, I was as prepared as I could be.

So that is what a great teacher in my opinion is supposed to be. One that can balance humor, fun, and discipline at the same time. One that can keep you on your toes every day. One that inspires you to study daily. Now you know what a great teacher in my opinion is, what’s yours?

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