Makings of a Teacher

Mike is a 17-year-old from Chicago, IL. He enjoys eccentric individuals, playing with computers and hopes to one day dominate the radio airwaves.

It amazes me that teachers are still being allowed certification, even with their lack of current-world skills, or even a decent personality.  It really isn’t difficult teach, learn to use a computer, try and have the attitude of a human being, and I think you at least have a chance of obtaining legitimate respect and success.

It’s really only two simple cases that turn me off to liking a teacher: Either they have absolutely no idea that they are in the 21st century and that technology has become a huge part of teaching, or they have the personality of a door knob and it only serves to create a negative learning environment.

As you might be able to tell, I’m a bit bitter when it comes to teachers.  I’ve had my fair share of duds over the years, as have most of the students in the Unites States education system. I am a senior now, and I can remember all my teachers from about 3rd grade till now.  In all my days, I have only come across one man who deserved any sort of recognition as not only a teacher and an intelligent scholar, but as a great conveyor of knowledge too.

Jim F.  Without sounding too creepy, I would recommend this man for teacher of the year any time.  As aforementioned, not only is he intelligent with his words and this computer, but is a great conveyor of knowledge.  By this I simply mean he doesn’t just stand up and click through PowerPoint slides or just drone on and on, he knows how to relate and make understandable almost anything and everything he is teaching.  Even though Mr. F isn’t the only teacher that stands out in my particular school, my consensus of the entire student population says that he is by far the most receptive and well-liked throughout the entire student body and administration.

The point being here is that it really is very simple to fabricate a decent teacher, but they are still being churned out like robots from the factory.  For the majority of my education that I can remember, I have been disappointed.  It seems strange that it’s taken me 12 years to finally come across a teacher that can gather the reception that my example of Mr. F has.  My opinion remains simple, give me an educator that is personable, and located within this century, and I seriously think education could become a lot easier.

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