Don’t Believe the Lies

Abby is 16 years old and lives in Oakland, CA. She loves music, volleyball, and spending time with her friends.

On October 23rd, 2010, Saturday Night Live performed a sketch titled “Souping, Trampolining, and Silly Bandz.” The sketch was a parody on today’s newscasts, in which a parent and teen were both informed of new teen trends such as “souping” and “trampolining.” Both of these trends were obviously made up by the newscaster. The teenage girl blatantly told the reporter that the trends were onexistent, but the mother began worrying and overreacting to the news that her teenage daughter may be doing things such as “drinking expired soup to get high.”

The skit got a lot of laughs, and, as with many SNL skits, this is because of its level of verity behind it. Today’s media is filled with lies and is more concerned about having some sort of scare factor to catch people’s attention than having legitimate stories about real things that actually matter.

One thing the parody portrayed very well was how quickly people jump to conclusions just because they heard something on television. In the same way the parents on the skit immediately trusted the media, and then immediately assumed their teens were a part of the made up fad, everyday people right now are to quick to believe the first opinion they hear about anything, and then apply that opinion to
their everyday lives. This is happening with all sorts of topics, from politics to the economy, to global warming, but it is especially true with teens and parents.

There are many different places that parents are acquiring this false knowledge. The news is big, which makes sense, but parents are also hearing rumors from other (even less reliable) sources.

The point of this post is to tell people (especially parents) to think things through for themselves, and not to jump to conclusions. Teens have enough fighting against them already, and they really don’t need false information making them even more subject to scrutiny.

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