Ten Alternatives to Drinking Parties: Have the Fun Minus the Hangover

Neyat is an Eritrean-American girl who is an aspiring writer. She enjoys reading teen fiction, looking up obscure music artists and celebrities on Wikipedia, and traveling. She hopes that one day when you teens are tired and middle-aged, you will walk into your
local bookstore (to get away from your spouse and kids) and you will notice a book on the front display with her name on it as the bestselling author.

Are you a high school student and the drinking scene just isn’t your style? Well, you’ve come to the right place. For some reason, many teens have the mentality that a party just isn’t a party without shots, hard liquor, and beer. Whether television or musical influences are to blame, here’s a list of ten equally as fun (well, at least to my friends and
I) alternatives to drinking.

1. Costume Party (Hey, who says costumes are only for Halloween? You can make it famous couples, favorite authors, favorite character—the options are endless!)

2. Pajama Party (You’re never too old for these; they can still be quite fun, and the person with the best PJs can win a prize!)

3. Movie Night (Sure beats an $11 ticket to the theatres.)

4. Iron Chef Night (Some can cook and others can judge, picking the secret ingredient is the best part!)

5. Craft Night (Sounds like an old person sport, but with music and snacks, it’s actually fun…plus, you get to go home with a creation of your own. Beats going home with excessive vomiting if you ask me!)

6. Karaoke Night (an oldie, but a goodie!)

7. Mystery Night (Ever seen that old episode of Lizzie McGuire? Get a kind parent or friend to create a murder case and groups of two’s and three’s can all compete to solve the case and find out which friend among the group is the murderer!)

8. Scary Stories Night (If you’re brave, they can be told outside or near an eerie place!)

9. Saturday Night Fever (Turn on some music and boogie down!)

10. Game Night (there are other games out there besides Monopoly…check ‘em out!)

Bottom line is: no matter what you’re doing, doing it with friends makes it all the more fun. These are sure-fire ways to have a good time with the added advantage of not having to sneak out and hide your shameful alcohol-tainted breathe from your parents.
So, what are you waiting for? Put down that drink and plan the next great party!

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