Balancing Priorities

Gema is a 19-year old from Miami, FL. She loves reading and writing young adult fiction and claims to pass out in the presence of sterile wit.
I’m in my second year of college and balancing priorities has been like juggling fire  balls bare handed and with little training. I struggle to keep to keep an even rhythm. My hands singe when I give one more time than the other. I have to keep my eyes on them at all times, one glance away and they will all hit the ground. I am a student, a writer, a  daughter, a girlfriend and a friend. These priorities all hold equal weight and I have to attend to them on a daily basis. How do I do it? Well, I barely do it.
Make a Schedule
Making a schedule really helps. As a science major, I have to keep up with about five different studying resources on a day-to-day basis. If I let myself, I could easily spend eight hours just reading about molecular biology and completely ignoring Chemistry and Trigonometry. And that’s just schoolwork. What about seeing my mother’s face once in a while? Saying hello to a friend? Popping over to see if the boyfriend is still alive? Making a schedule is crucial to maintaining a balance. My daily planner is my best friend. I
map out the hours for studying, the hours for friends and family and hours for writing. It’s impossible to stick to the schedule 100%, but having a plan makes every daily goal seem achievable.
Social Networking
Am I actually advocating something like Facebook?! Yes I am. But hear me out. Social networks are double-edged swords. A minute on Facebook is two hours in the real world. It’s dangerous to even type the web address when you’re on a deadline. But when
you’re buried in books inside a library and haven’t seen your friends or family for days and they’re not sure if your midterm exams literally killed you – checking in for ten or fifteen minutes is not a bad thing. It may even help you relax.
Relaxing should be a priority. Having a lot on your plate is stressful. If you think about everything that needs to get done as one, it’ll look like one badly knotted ball of string you have to untangle. Don’t make the impossible appear more impossible by freaking out. Part of keeping priorities balanced is being sane enough to enjoy them. Breathe in. Breathe out. Take ten minutes in the morning to stretch. Keeping up with a hobby to release stress should also be a priority. That’s how I’m able to keep up with my writing. Enjoy the fact that you have things to look forward to in your day.
Balancing priorities becomes increasingly difficult as you get older. In high school, it becomes difficult as you prepare to choose a college and apply to those colleges and AP exams and the SAT’s. Then in college where you’re half-thrown into the real world but half-reeled in by family and old friends. It’s possible to balance everything out if you make it a priority to stick to your priorities.

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