To My Younger Self

Ichien is a 17 year old who was born and raised in Queens, NY. During her free time, she can be found in the midst of crowded streets shopping, going to a movie theater, filming, reading or writing. She loves the bright city lights at night and adores the city that never
sleeps. She has a passion for filming and writing and hopes that one day she can make use of her passion to inspire the world.

Dear 13 year old me,

This is the time when you’re about to enter high school and you’re going to experience some of the best moments in life and make some of the most amazing friends. The beginning of freshman year is going to be nerve wrecking and scary because you’ll be in a new school and you’ll feel like an ant compared to the tall upperclassmen towering over you. Freshman year might start off a bit rocky because you’re still adjusting to the school and teachers. It’s the year when you start joining teams and going to social events. I remember on the last day of school you’re going to get so excited for summer to start and you couldn’t believe you’re going to be a sophomore. Time flies but little did you know as the years go by, it will be hard to catch up to time.

Sophomore year is going to be the year filled with sweet memories. During this time you’ve already adapted to the high school environment and joined clubs. You’re going to throw an amazing 15th birthday party surrounded by your new and old friends and it’ll take place at a KTV. Try to be cautious about how much money you’re supposed to spend on renting the room. However, don’t fret too much about the money situation because your friends got your back. At the end of the year you’re going to have a blast dancing the night away with your soon-to-be boyfriend at Military Ball. The summer of sophomore year is somewhat hectic because you will have relationship problems but your friends will always be there for you when you need them. Keep them close by because they’re the ones who will cheer you up when you’re melancholy. During the summer, you will end up having serious conversations about guys, relationships, goals and the future for hours with one of your best friends. You’ll never forget these talks because it will make you think about life and where you’re headed off to in life. Be strong for yourself and your friend when the relationships with guys go downhill. Everything will be all right and eventually you’ll mature and move on.

Don’t be too stressed out during junior year, although it is a very important year. Junior year is the turning point in high school for you. It’s the year when you’re on your way to becoming a strong and motivated young lady. You will meet some of the most amazing and inspiring people from a Christian club. They will influence you in a good way and help you strengthen your faith. Your religious faith will  shine outward and you’re friends will witness it too. At the end of junior year you’ll scream with joy because you got into Tisch summer program in Singapore. Yet, don’t cry and be disappointed if you won’t be able to go because there are going to be bigger plans for you in the summer.

I don’t want to tell you too much about what might happen in the summer and the beginning of senior but whatever you do, don’t ever quit and continue to be persistent. By this time you’ve already learned a lot of life lessons. Take these lessons to heart and always do your best. Sometimes life may bring you down but look up and you’ll find God with open arms. It’s okay if not everything might end up as planned because in the end everything will be all right. Keep your faith strong and pray constantly. Just remember that there are going to be people there to help you get through the problems.
DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Keep on fighting for your goals. “Don’t stop believin!”


The Future Me

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