Teenagers Need Comic Relief: Bo Burnham

Alekxa is a 16-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys running, eating, volunteering, and being with her friends.

Living in the fast-paced, perpetually demanding 21st century, it is no wonder why teenagers lives are becoming more and more stressful. Busy and often times monotonous lives crave a good laugh every now and again. The benefits of laughter are priceless, helping mental, emotional, social, and physical health.

Simply put, laughter is the best medicine. It brings people closer together, uplifts behavior, and spreads joy and amusement. Some health advantages include: strengthening the immune system, triggers the release of endorphins to boost energy, protects the heart, reducing pain or discomfort, and most of all relieving stress. This is particularly great for teens, as this medicine is fun, relaxing, and most satisfying, it is free.

Bo Burnham reaches to many teens, but remarkably he reaches out to an older crowd as well. He started out how many recent young celebrities make a name for themselves: the internet, in particular, Youtube. Earlier songs, “My Whole Family…” and “I’m Bo Yo” gave him his popularity and helped boost his career. Burnham has had many accomplishments since then
already, one being the youngest person to have had a special on comedy central.

Over the past two years, his comedy routine and songs have evolved. By implementing a darker and more cynical spin on his views on life, his humour becomes much more meaningful and unique. It seems like comedians are the deepest and saddest people in the world, but their humour helps the rest of us look at sometimes appalling, nightmarish issues in a more light-hearted way in order to cope with the pain.

Many comedians tend to have a lot of repressed emotions, especially from having a tormented childhood-usually due to their awkwardness or bad home life. In Burnham’s case, he was just a quiet teenager who attended an all boy’s catholic high school. In a 2009 interview by Bill Baker, Burnham admitted to putting up a more masculine and grown-up facade, when he was actually “a scared little kid who knows nothing”.  This self-awareness ironically can give him a sign that he has matured into an intelligent artist in his own right.

At his live concerts, Burnham’s presence and comedic timing is impeccable. Though very young, he appeals to all age groups. His rare ability to make fun of both himself and his profession both grants sympathy as well as humbles him, which is a tough thing to accomplish. Prominent director and producer, Judd Apatow recently offered Bo the position of writing “the anti-High School Musical”, parodying the highest watch pre-teen movie of this generation. Hopefully, if this becomes made we will get the opportunity of seeing Bo in his element, making people laugh and promoting the general health and happiness his brilliant humour brings along with it.

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