The Christmas Season: Why I Love It Plus Awesome Gift Ideas For The Ones On Your List

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Lights are being hung. Trees and decorations are being purchased. People are searching to find theperfect gifts for family and friends. That could only mean one thing: the Christmas season has begun!

Christmas is such a special holiday but, each year, Christmas becomes more and more commercialized. To me, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and showing others that you love them and care about them, not getting your parents to buy you all of the awesome gifts you want. I can’t express in words how upset I get when people tell me about the long list of gifts they’ve asked their parents to buy for them. When asked what they are going to give others for Christmas, they either say nothing or mention a gift that they didn’t put much thought and love into. The Christmas season is supposed to be full of love and joy (and celebration for the birth of Christ if you are Christian), not full of gifts and greed. Gifts are nice, but they are only a fraction of what the Christmas season is all about. Besides spending time with family, my favorite part of Christmas is giving other people gifts to show them that I appreciate them. I spend weeks planning what gifts I will give people just to ensure that I find the perfect gifts for everyone on my list. I love putting a smile on people’s faces and it really is the thought that counts.

Having trouble deciding what to give the special people on your list because you don’t know what they want and/or already have? Below are some suggestions. Remember, it’s the though that counts!

For Girls

1. Body lotions and sprays- A lot of girls, including myself, love this stuff. There are so many great scents and stores, such as Bath and Body Works, always have great sales on these products.

2. Clothes and shoes- I think these can be the easiest gifts to pick out or the hardest depending on how well you can recognize what type of clothes she likes. All you have to do is look at what she wears and pick out clothes that you think fit her style.

3. Something homemade- Know what she likes but don’t see anything in stores that captures your idea of her perfect present? Make something! There is no better way to show her that you care than to go out of your way to make something special for her.

4. Craft sets- From jewelry kits for the jewelry lover to fabrics for the fashion designer, there are so many craft sets out there to choose from. These make really great gifts!

5. Gift cards/money- I think this should be a last resort if you really don’t know what to get her or you know that she could use the extra cash. It’s not very creative but, I’ll admit, a lot of us could use the extra money. If you’re really not sure what to get her, this is the way to go.

For Guys

1. Game systems- There’s bound to be a game system that he wants and the Christmas season is a great time to get electronics on sale!

2. Non-electronic games (darts, marshmallow shooters, nerf guns (with foam darts)- Honestly, these are really fun! There are so many different types of fun, non-electronic games to choose from and I think that they make great gifts.

3. Video games/computer games- If he loves playing video games/computer games, then your search for the perfect gift is over! You don’t even have to know which games he wants. I was able to buy my brothers games that they loved just by knowing them and knowing the genre of games that they like.

4. Clothes- Again, these things could be the easiest to pick out or the hardest depending how well you do with finding clothes that match his style.

5. Gift cards/money- Like I said before, I think of this as a last resort unless he needs it. But many teens could use the gift cards or extra cash. If you know what stores he likes or don’t know what things he has/ doesn’t have, this is the way to go.

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  1. Chelsea
    December 15, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    That’s a terrific list. The home-made gift idea is especially nice. It’s so personal.

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