Top 4 Gift Ideas for Teens

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Sometimes throwing cash at your teenager on holidays and birthdays is the easiest way to ensure they buy what they want. Plus it saves you from trying to figure out all their likes and dislikes. But for a grand occasion like Christmas, a handful of cash seems less special then a gift picked out special. Besides, everyone should have something to unwrap on Christmas! That’s why I’m here to give you what I think is the top 5 best gifts for teens.

Ipod who doesn’t love ipods?
Who hasn’t heard of an ipod by now? Incase your stuck in the stone ages, an Ipod is a portable music player designed by Apple. They’re always improving this already outstanding piece of technology. There is a many different types of ipods, for example ipod touch, ipod nano, shuffle, etc. Which all come in a variety of different colors. This device is so successful because no matter who you are, everyone likes music. Weather your teen is into country, rock, or heavy metal they are sure to love this present. It allows them to put every song, video, etc. they went on it and carry it with them. If your teen already has an ipod you can always stuff their stocking with accessories for it like funky print earphones, an outlet charger, even some brand new cases.

Just Dance 2 If they love video games!
For all of you who have video game lovers, The game that I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed receiving is Just dance 2. This game is for those with an Nintendo Wii. It’s the second version of Just dance 1, but if you’ve never heard of it the name is pretty self explanatory. You have a ball just dancing. The game teaches you dance steps and you imitate them off the figure on the screen. You have to make sure your grooving with the wii remote in your hand. After, It gives you a score of how good your moves were. Its an age appropriate game that will get your teen moving and having a blast.

Gift card if they’re picky!
Some think a gift card is the same as money, but in my opinion it’s a little more thoughtful. The fact that the person found out, or knew you well enough to give you bucks to your all time favorite store says I care more than a twenty dollar bill to me. This way, there’s no picking out anything they don’t like or getting sizes mixed up. Wrap a nice gift card in with some favorite color pajamas you have a thoughtful gift your teen will love!

Digital Camera if they love capturing moments!
Where ever I go, The 3 things I always carry with me is my phone, ipod, and digital camera. I always have it on me because you never know when a regular day is going to turn into a kodak moment! Give the gift of memories created by snapping pictures daily. Weather it’s a special occasion,  or just spending time with friends, uploading pictures on facebook is something most teens love doing! Plus it can also do wonders for a teen with hopes of doing photography!

In conclusion, all of these fabulous gifts will put a smile on any teenagers face! These presents are all around great gifts form a teenagers point of view. These days kids are picky, and you don’t want to get the wrong thing. So ditch the homemade sweaters, and stop buying that yearly winter coat they pretend to like. Save your reputation and pick up one of these hot gifts! And remember, all though gifts are nice and we tend to put a lot of emphasis on them, please remember the true meaning of Christmas and what its really about. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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