Giving Back During the Giving Season

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It’s that time of year again when families come together from all over to bond, celebrate, and enjoy the holidays— and don’t forget getting that special holiday gift! But what better way to truly give the gift of giving during the holidays than to volunteer and give back to your community? And when applying for scholarships, the extra volunteer hours couldn’t hurt!

There a many different ways you can volunteer during the holiday season and help the less fortunate. There are a few national volunteer organizations that are always looking for a helping hand!

Feeding America (

Feeding America is an organization that provides food assistance programs to low-income individuals, disaster victims, and help supply lunches to underprivileged kids through community centers like the Boys & Girls clubs. They are always ways to volunteer like transporting food to other charities and repackaging donated food, they also take any donations of food or funds you can offer.

The Salvation Army (

During the holiday months you can support your local Salvation Army location by wrapping gifts for disadvantaged children, working soup kitchens, and visiting the sick and elderly. Visit the website to learn more about volunteering and local charity events in your area.

The Holiday Project (

The Holiday Project is a non-profit organization that has thousands of volunteers who visit people in nursing homes, hospitals, and other institutions over the holidays to spread good cheer in the spirit of the holidays with those who may not have anyone to share them with. To learn more about the Holiday Project and how to organize chapters visit their website.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America (

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America are always looking for volunteers and donations to keep their plan to educate and put kids on the right path. Check out your local Boys and Girls club for volunteer opportunities.

There are probably a million more organizations across America that you could look into! You don’t always have to join a national organization to make a difference though! Holding a food drive or singing carols at an elderly home are good ways for you to share the spirit of the holidays with your community!

How are you going to give back over the holidays?

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