10 Fun Winter Break Activities

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Winter break is a fun and exciting for almost everyone in the family. The kids get time off of school, and parents get time off of work. Before the break kids are sure that they’ll have plenty to do during the long weeks off of school, but on that first day of break, they are at a loss. With so much time off, they aren’t sure where to start and what to do first. It is easy to get overwhelmed because you don’t want to forget all that you are planning to do. I think that it is best to write down all the things that you would want to do and plan something for each day of the break. Here are ten fun winter break activities to do when you’re stuck in a rut this holiday season.

1)      Go holiday shopping– No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s always fun to go shopping during the break. Black Friday has always kicked off the start of the crazy holiday spending but, now that the holidays are fast approaching, there are more deals and not as much mayhem. So winter break can give you right amount of time to get all the gifts for your family and friends.

2)      Catch up on your reading– Whether you’re an avid reader or not, reading can leave you relaxed and a good way to spend a quiet evening of your break. Read a book you normally wouldn’t have time to read because of your schedule. Go to the bookstore and look at new releases, there may be something that will catch your eye and you’ll go home with interesting books to read in the New Year.

3)      Go to a play– Call up your friends and go see a play at your local drama theatre. During the winter season, there are many different plays to see and it’s a great way to make memories. There is almost always showing of the Nutcracker or other beloved holiday tales.

4)      Make a snowman– If you are lucky enough to have snow in your area during the holidays, go out and explore it. Make a snowman and decorate it to show off to the neighborhood. Even go sledding if there is enough snow. If you don’t have snow in your area, you can have an arts and crafts day with family and friends. Make winter fixtures and hang them around the house.

5)      Play a board game– People don’t really play them as much as they used to but, playing a board game is a fun way to spend time with people and get your competitive juices flowing.

6)      Visit friends /family– The break is a great time to visit people that you haven’t seen a while. They will appreciate you coming even if it is just to talk. And if they live too far away to visit, you can send them holiday greeting cards. Receiving a holiday card in the mail is always a treasured thing.

7)      Visit local museum– The museum has a lot of exciting things to offer. There are different activities to do and you get a chance to see art by famous painters.

8)      Learn to knit– Knitting is not as hard as it looks and is actually very fun. You can get together with a group of people and learn to knit. You can knit scarves and hats so you’ll stay warm during the cold weather.

9)      Go for a walk– Despite the cold, bundle up and go for a walk. Discover new parts of your neighborhood that you may not have known about or go to a park and just look at nature. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

10)  Go skiing or skating- Try a new winter sport that you may not have considered. If you like to ski, go during the break or you can learn to ski. Skating is also very fun to do during the winter season and a great way to hang out with friends.

So next time you aren’t sure what you can do during the long break off of school, refer back to this list of fun activities. You won’t ever be bored, and will look forward to the fun filled winter break. Happy Holidays!

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