Cheap And Simple Gifts That Teens Can Give Their Parents And Teachers

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It’s the holiday season!  For a lot of people this means that they will be embracing the holiday and giving gifts to other people.  The problem is, some people are difficult to shop for, especially when you’re really only looking for a small, quaint gift to give someone.  Another issue of gift giving could easily stem from a teenagers limited budget, so I’ve put together a few examples of gifts that any parent or teacher would be happy to receive from a teen.  Remember, the idea here is to keep it simple, cheap, but still meaningful.

Giving to a Parent

When giving a gift to a parent you should remember that it’s not about being extravagant or expensive, it truly is the thought that counts.

1. Babysitting – If you have any younger siblings that need caring after, the gift of short-term relief for your parents would be greatly appreciated.

2. Movies – I don’t know about you, but my parents love to sit back and relax with a good DVD. They’re inexpensive too.

3. Coupons – Make a coupon book and fill it with favors like cleaning the house or washing the car.

4. Personal Picture – Take a nice picture of yourself, including any siblings, and present it in a nice frame to the parents.  (This one has worked well for me in the past)

5. Handmade Item – Anything handmade will be accepted as a personal, intimate gesture.  This one can include handmade scrapbooks, picture frames, etc…

Giving to a Teacher

As teens get older, a lot of us still like to surprise educators with little tokens of appreciation for a job well done.  Again, it’s still the thought that counts, so let’s keep it simple.

1. Coffee Mug – This might be the cliché gift, but I don’t know a teacher that doesn’t sip coffee throughout the day.

2. Candy – Small candy assortments are easy to come by, and are greatly appreciated by any candy lover.

3. Flowers/Potted Plant – These might appeal more to female educators, but I know plenty of males that keep plants in their classrooms.

4. Magazine subscription – Most of these are pretty cheap, and lots of teachers like to read magazines when kids are busy taking tests and such.

5. Gift Card – A gift card to a local coffee joint or maybe the bookstore is a wonderful gift for a teacher.

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