8 Tips on Building Trust With Your Parents

Jessica is a 14-year-old high school student from Cerritos, CA. She enjoys going to concerts, listening to music, and playing basketball.

Trust is basically the building block of all good relationships. Earning trust is really complicated. If you have done something defiant, for instance, sneaking out, earning your parents’ trust back may be even more difficult. During adolescence, teenagers are trickier to understand. It’s at this stage of their lives where they are learning more about life and feel the pressure from everyone around them. Below are some techniques you should use to build trust with your parents.

1. Communicate. Communication is key. Become best friends with your parents.  Discuss important topics with them. Tell them all about your day. They are always interested in knowing the most up to date news about you.

2. Be Respectful. Always show respect towards everyone, especially your parents. If you respect them, they should also show some respect back. A person that is respectful and courteous is more deserving of trust.

3. Keep up with school. Make sure you keep your grades up. School should be one of your top priorities. If you have A’s or B’s you can most likely go and enjoy a night out with friends, but if those grades drop down to C’s and D’s you’ll probably have to stay in.

4. Don’t argue. Just accept whatever your parents want you to do. Make certain you

don’t fight back or make irritated or angry body language. Don’t let them see that

you’re mad. Go to a place where you can calm down and leave it be.

5. Be obedient. Don’t break the rules. Just do as you’re told. This way your parents can see that they can rely on you doing little things. You should also lend a hand around the house, whether it’s putting the dishes away or helping with the groceries. Don’t just sit there while they are bringing in the groceries and wait for them to ask you to help. Just do it involuntary.

6. Don’t complain. When you complain you sound like a little kid. The more childlike you seem, the more your parents will think you’re too young for too much independence.

7. Don’t make bad decisions. No matter how big or small, bad decisions can build up. Always do the right thing. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. Whatever you do, don’t give into peer pressure when you know what they’re trying to get you do is bad.

8. Tell the truth. Always tell the truth. Lying is probably the worst thing you can do. Just be honest. Own up to things you’ve done. No matter how awful it can be keeping it a secret can make a relationship disintegrate. Lying will just make problems greater. If you’re parents discover that you have lied and kept something secret that may just cause you to lose all the trust you have.

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