Advice For Parents To Prepare Themselves For When Their Teens Leave For College

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Parents, it is the time of year in which your high school seniors are applying to colleges and scrambling to finish their personal statement essays and supplements. The application process can be stressful because there are a lot of essays to write, SATs and ACTs to take, recommendations to obtain from teachers and the guidance counselor and deadlines to remember. During the whole process, seniors can become overwhelmed and feel sleep deprived. During these moments you should talk to them and let your teens know that you’re there for them. Tell them that once everything is over, they can finally relax and have some fun. Motivate them to keep on working hard on the applications and hanging in there. Don’t get upset if the majors they choose or the colleges they applied to are different from what you had in mind. Remember this is your son’s or daughter’s life you’re talking about. They have their own interests and goals in life. All you can do is guide them in the right direction and help them. Don’t coerce them into doing anything they don’t want to do.

When your teens receive their college acceptances, they will scream with excitement and joy for the colleges they got into that were on their top list. If the college is far, naturally you will be hesitant about letting your teens travel that far and living independently. However remember that they are going to be adults soon. This is the time for teenagers to become young women and men. You are probably feeling uneasy about them being away from “mommy” and “daddy” so here are some steps you can do to get ready for your teens’ journey to college and independence.

1. Spend time with your teens.

Since they are going off to college, try to have some fun moments with them. For moms and daughters: spend a day shopping, go to the spa or have dinner with your daughter. For fathers and sons: Spend a day doing things that you’ll both enjoy or having a man-to- man conversation. For example, Dad could talk about his experience in college or stories about his youth. This is a bonding moment with your teen and also it’s a time when you can finally realize how mature your teen has become.

2. Don’t nag please!

It’s best to try not to repulse your teens and end up on their bad side before they go off to college. If they come home later than you expect, don’t make a big deal out of the lateness. Make sure you know where they’re going in advance and call them when necessary. However don’t constantly call them because that gets annoying and in the end they’ll end up ignoring the calls. This is the time when you really have to trust your daughter/son to make the right decision and live their lives righteously.

3. With independence comes responsibility.

In order for you to feel comfortable about your kids flying free, you could teach your teens about finance and budgeting. College is expensive and college students are always watching out for how they spend money; make sure they know how to spend money on their expenses. It is good to educate your children about credit cards, debit cards, loans, interests, banks and finance so not only your children are well informed for the future but you will also feel more at ease that they will be one step ready to go out into the world.

4. Don’t call every minute of every day.

Finally when your child is at college, don’t call them every day because then it’ll become a habit and you’ll feel agitated and become overly worried about your child. You’ll feel too attached to him/her so you won’t be able to let your child be free and independent.

It is natural for parents to be protective and worried about your children because your love and care for them is everlasting. However always remember that your babies won’t be a little girl or little boy forever.

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  1. Chelsea
    December 22, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    This is a great article parents should take to heart. Definitely be aware of “helicopter parenting”, too. Teenagers want and need to explore the boundaries of new freedom when they go to college.


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