10 Tips for a Safe Road Trip: Teen Edition

Alekxa is a 16 year old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys running, yoga, eating, volunteering, and being with her friends.

1. Bring food and water
Make sure you have plenty, especially water. My research has brought me to conclude that you should bring at least double if not triple the amount of water you think you will need. This may be an over precaution-but it is certainly one you will be grateful to have taken. High-energy food such as, power bars, yogurt, and almonds are simply, healthy ways to stay alert and awake.

2. Travel with a friend
Two heads is better than one. You can watch out for one another, less chance of getting lost, easier to remain calm with a companion, and it is going to be much more fun with a friend. Particularly with road trips, the more the merrier.

3. Take a pass on hitchhikers
Offering a ride may seem like the easiest way to help out a stranger. But what it comes down to is they are a stranger. Whether they appear harmless or not, the reality is our world is a scary place. Travel with
at least one friend.

4. Don’t seem like you are “new in town”
Never tell a stranger you are lost. The potential of a predator taking advantage of you and your situation far outweighs being temporarily geographically confused. Asking for directions is alright and encouraged, as long as you do so safely. A respected business owner in front of many people is definitely a better option.

5. Bring a cell phone
Take advantage of the amazing technology we now have to confirm you and your party is safe. It is not a bad idea to call at rest points, and especially when you have reached your final destination.
6. Know where you are going
Road maps are your best friend. However, I strongly recommend a GPS as you cannot be fumbling around with a map while driving. With constant new updates to show weather conditions and traffic issues insures accuracy while driving safely. GPS systems are easy to plug in, if not already in your car. There are also free downloads from virtually all cell phones.
7. Make sure to Drive Safely!
Make sure the driver is well rested before hand. It is also not a bad idea to switch drivers once in awhile. Control your road rage as it can be detrimental to your safety as well as to your fun. Above all, no drinking and driving. This is extremely dangerous and selfish as you are not just hurting yourself but potentially others cars as well.
8. Check your car’s:
breaks, tire pressure, oil, and water/coolant carefully before and during your trip. Although tedious, skipping over these vital steps can be very hazardous. Teens should talk with a parent or an adult about these things to double check the car before the trip.
9. Pay attention to the weather
Rain can mean slippery roads and this means an exceeding amount of accidents. If it is snowy, make sure to clear the snow and ice from the windows, hood, lights, and roof. Even if what seems to be perfect weather, sun glasses can be helpful on car rides as sun can seriously obstruct your vision and be possibly dangerous.

10. Have fun!
You are only a teenager once! Keep these safety tips in mind and live it up!

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  1. Chelsea
    January 12, 2011 at 6:21 am #

    Great list! The water thing is true. If you end up broken down somewhere (hopefully not!), extra water is a great thing. You can also use it to wash your hands in an emergency, clean off your windshield, or even leave water for a lost pet.

    Texting while driving makes you 24 times more likely to have an accident so don’t do it! http://bit.ly/i6RmLr

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