1/7/11: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello Readers,

Happy new year! I hope it was a great 2010 and it will be an even better 2011. We have a big newsletter today because we combined this week and last:

Top Articles:

What Should You Do If You Think Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied?
Vanessa answers this important question in a step-by-step video guide.

Unique Parenting Tip: Why You Should Use Positive Threats
“Positive threats” and how they are scientifically proven to work for your teen.

How to Stop Your Child from Procrastinating?
In this digital age there are a plethora of distractors from whatever task at hand. Vanessa offers some solutions to the inclination to procrastinate in her digital column.

Please, Fight In Front Of Your Kids
Fighting can be good if we are able to show our kids how to work through conflict lovingly.

Articles from Guests:

Why does family talking matter?
Sarah Newton, of Family Communication Duo, helps parents reach out to their kids with talking moments.

Slow Parenting: An Introduction
The folks at Slow Parenting Teens teach us how we can create the kind of relationship we want to have with our teens.

Articles from Teens:

Advice For Parents To Prepare Themselves For When Their Teens Leave For College
4 tips for parents who are gearing up for that empty nest.

8 Tips on Building Trust With Your Parents
A few techniques, like communication and obedience, to help kids build trust with their parents.

The R Word: Personal Lessons
Sometimes, just being yourself is the best way to handle any kind of rejection.

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