Teen Blogging: The Truth of Our Lives in Plain Text

Cassie is a 16 – year old from Los Angeles, CA.  She enjoys acting, playing guitar and spending time with her younger brothers. Her favorite subject is English because she wants to be a writer.

Once guarded behind a computer screen and anonymity of an online pseudonym, teenagers relentlessly expose the truths of their everyday lives through Internet blogging. As the Internet continues to expand, so does the ability teenagers have to voice their opinions and promote their ideas to a larger audience.

Sharing their beliefs and thoughts in various ways, teens become these different types of Internet bloggers.

The Journalist

The typical blogger is of course the simple Journalist, one who writes about the small details of their day.  Ranging from rants about a difficult math test to stories about a peer conflict, the journalist paints an image of their daily lives through words. The journalist may delve into deeper topics that are not usually discussed around the high school lunch table. Teens may express their unspoken struggles, uncommon political views, or hidden feelings of discomfort within their social expectations.   Teens journal about their hardship and pain; they find consolation through the idea that someone out there in cyber space is reading their blog, understands their struggle.

The Lyricist

Second come the creative writers, those bloggers who love to share their literary talent with the Internet.  The Lyricists are usually fans of poetry and all forms of literature and usually write their own kind of manuscripts and share them with the world.  On these types of blogs, teens reveal their poetic side and illustrate their passion for the written word.  They share creative stories, poems, songs, and discuss their opinions regarding certain books.  They also give each other feedback and help each other constructively become better writers.

The Photographer

Blogs are not only for words.  The photographer spends a lot of time uploading pictures that express thoughts and ideas that simply can’t be put into words.  Usually, the photographer is humorous and shares pictures that help readers fulfill their daily intake of laughter.

The Toxic Blogger

Lastly, there is a downside to the freedom of Internet blogging.  The toxic blogger is one who uses blogs to slander and harass other teenagers.  In the past, this has led to teen abuse, cyber bullying, and increasing teen conflict. Internet blogging gives writers a strong sense of power, which can often be abused if it is used with the wrong intentions.  Cyber bullying is still an unresolved issue in most communities.  However, one way to protect to a teenager from wrapping themselves in such toxic blogs is to simply avoid reading such content.

Teen Blogging is revolutionary.  Instead of strictly writing their thoughts and feelings in a hidden journal, teens share their deepest concerns with the world.  While the unanimity of the Internet may sometimes be detrimental, teen bloggers for the most part use teen blogging as a way to voice their opinions and promote their unspoken ideas.

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  1. Eliza
    April 8, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    Some parents are far to controlling when it comes to their sons and daughters using the internet. But you don’t have to go as far as to cancel an account at the merest possibility of danger. Blogs help build excellent communication and writing skills. And if you’re supportive of your teenager’s blog, relationships will strengthen. I’m very grateful for my mom’s support of my blog, ourvoiceteen.blogspot.com.

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