Teens Reading Books?

Evangeline is a homeschooler from Malaysia. Her interests are reading, writing, Wikipedia, music and entertainment. She aspires to work in the media communications sector.

The reading culture among teens is dying out. I find it a sad thing since there is a wealth of literature available and our worldview can be greatly expanded just by reading.

Like it or not, parents have a major role to play in helping cultivate a good reading habit in their child’s life. By themselves, children will not form a good reading habit unless exposed to a reading environment. Instilling a love for reading early is also the key as it is always easier to teach a child when he is young.

Not only that, parents need to encourage their children to read good books. There is a lot of junk books in the market nowadays that will wrongly influence a child. A parent has to decide what a child can read and explain to the child why he can’t read certain books.

What if a parent wants to form a reading habit in a teen’s life? Despite its seeming difficulty, it is never impossible nor too late to do so. A teen can learn much from reading a wholesome book than from playing computer games or staying glued on the TV.

Incentives, as always, can be used to induce a teen to read. Use incentives as rewards each time your teen completes reading a book.

Another important thing to remember when getting your teen to read is always let them read books on topics they are interested in. Do they like adventure? Or maybe they like watching crime thrillers on TV.  There are many such genres like those in books. Do not start with books on topics they loathe. It will only serve to make them even more disinterested in reading.

Don’t rush your teen into reading. Give him enough reasonable time. The ultimate goal should not be getting your teen to read but rather instilling a love for reading in your teen. Knowing this difference will make a world of difference.

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  1. What an interesting articles that encouraging everyone’s to love books and reading of it! Keep it up!

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