What Kind of Parent Will You be?

Sofia is an 18 year old from Los Angeles, CA.  She is attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and is studying to be a clinical psychologist and loves to go snowboarding!

I’ve never really thought of what type of parent I will be.  I would be lying if I said that I was going to be exactly like my parents.  For the entire duration of middle and high school I was convinced that I would be the “cool” parent, you know, the one who would let their kids stay out all night, wear whatever they wanted, and, for the most part, do whatever they wanted; pretty much everything my parents did not let me do.  Now looking back at my middle and high school days, I am definitely thankful that my parents did not let me wear what ever I pleased to school, if I had, I would have been labeled as the girl who showed too much.  However, I do believe that my parents, mostly my mom, were a little too strict.  I was always afraid of doing things because I did not know whether it would upset my mom, which would ultimately result in the removal of my makeup and flat iron, not to mention my TV watching abilities and my friends.  Although I could understand not being able to see my friends and my TV hours considerably reduced, one thing I would never have been able to understand was the removal of the things that were at least a minimal buffer to the teasing and taunting I had received on a day to day basis: my makeup (which covered the massive amounts of acne) and my flat iron (which, for a few hours, would tame the beast I referred to as my hair).

Not to say that I would be completely lenient with my kids.  I would practice the methods of an authoritative parent, the most esteemed method of parenting according to psychologists nationwide.  Authoritative parenting consists of just the right amount of punishment and strictness while also maintaining the right amount of praise and fairness.

Although I felt my mom was too strict at times, I know for the most part she was looking out for my best interest, and there are parts of her that I hope to acquire when I begin raising my kids.  One thing I hope to have with my kids that my mother and I had is the ability to be best friends, while also being aware of the fact that she was the authority figure and was the one in charge.  I feel that if my kids and I were close, we would share the same amount of respect for one another, which would lead to less fighting and more pleasant memories that we both can cherish.  Another aspect of my mom that I hope to share with my kids is her ability to make me feel that no matter what, I could always come talk to her.  I would never want my kids to feel that they could not come to me with their problems, ideas, or even simply to just talk to me and tell me about their day.  I feel that establishing a personal and trusting relationship with my kids is extremely important and will lead to my kids leading healthier lives

Although I cannot pinpoint exactly what kind of parent I will be, I hope to be one that will result in my kids living the best lives they can.  I want to make sure that my kids will be happy and healthy and not afraid to try new things and to venture out in the world, despite the dangers.  I want my kids to be able to take chances and make their own decisions, based off of the lessons I have taught them.  But above all, I hope that I will make my kids proud, to make them confident in calling me their mother, and to help them become the best people that they can be.

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