The Power of Music

Alekxa is a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys running, yoga, eating, volunteering, and being with her friends.

Because teenage years are one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, having the ability to escape with the aid of music is extremely important to myself as well as many other teens. There are various genres to fit any taste and mood you are feeling and songs that can relate to nearly anything you are going through. Lyrics can often resonate with a person’s situation and even help them find their identity.

Music allows people to not only express their creative sides and let loose, but feel a deeper connection to something that is bigger than oneself. Many people have reported that music touches their hearts and souls. I believe it not only does this, but also manifests the implicit humanity and sensitivity which has separated man from animal. Great songs throughout history has entered both patriotic and spiritual realms of life. Music breaks all divisions of race, culture religion, and class to relate to the human inside us all. It is a wonderful force which can bring international understanding, happiness, and brotherhood. Through a myriad of different forms of music ability, there is something out there for everyone. When speeches and articles fail to convey emotion, the magic of music can do this easily and naturally.

Hidden meaning and messages found in modern music should be recognized and not take at face value. Bands and artists can be outrageous and not the best role models at times. If parents are worried, they should just speak with their teenagers that entertainers have a job and it is important to remember to be your own person. Often times teenagers idolize and emulate an artist because of the music they produce. Dressing up to a certain genre is not bad, but should instead be encourage, as this helps teens express themselves and discover who they are. Unless a teen’s behavior becomes destructive to either themselves or someone else, there is not a warrant for concern.

Three ever-growing genres that have had the biggest impact of teens and adults alike in modern times are Rap/Hip-hop, Metal or Hard Rock, and Christian Rock. By the means of Artists’ sometimes extreme lyricism, messages become construed and have the ability to transform a persons outlook and perspective. Although music styles and messages can influence teenagers, it is important to note that there are many other forces swaying teen’s beliefs. Music is far less dangerous than drugs or drinking, and a much healthier way for teens to relieve tension and have fun.

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