Car Surfing: New Teen Trend (Oy)


I always try to post about teen trends so that parents hear about them from here first. This one is a doozy. I actually was perusing YouTube and saw a bunch of videos of teens car surfing.

Car surfing is when a person either tries to ‘surf’ on top of a moving vehicle or is on a skateboard or rollerblades and holds on to the side of a car while ‘surfing’ often to let go at 30-45 miles per hour. I knew people who did this when I was in High School but did not hear about it again until recently when a few teens told me this was what they did on their free time–car surfed and then posted videos to YouTube.

Why do teens car surf? I reached out to a few car surfers and asked them why they engage in this behavior, here is what they had to say:

Why Car Surfing?

1) Thrills

Of course, many car surfers have told me they love the thrills and adrenaline rush of car surfing.

2) Boredom

I have written a lot about the dangers of boredom. Car surfers have told me that this is an activity that is basically free (minus the cost of gas) and needs very little prep or supplies. Therefore, when bored this is an activity on the list.

3) Athletic Agility

This might be a push, but I will mention it nonetheless. Some car surfers actually like the athletic strength it gives them. One said, “I am a snowboarder and when I am away from the slopes, car surfing is a great way to exercise that part of my brain and muscles about balance and staying upright.”

Whatever the reasons, this is a dangerous and illegal activity and I hope I hear less about it, not more!

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