Radio Waves: Do We Still Hear them Now?

Okunyi is a 16-year-old from Seattle, WA. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing soccer. Her favorite subject is chemistry because she wants to be a pharmacist.

Music plays a large part in the daily life of teenagers. If you ask the average teen, they have most likely listened to music sometime before, during, or after school. For teens, music is a way for them to relax or prepare themselves for something difficult they are about to embark on, whether it be a test or trying out for a sport at school. The type of music that teens listen to says a lot about their personalities because music is a great way for teens to express themselves. In the days prior to the 21st century where people weren’t able to just listen to music as easily and frequently as they do now, people used radios. Although a small percentage of teens still listen the radio occasionally it’s becoming infrequent. Teens are more likely to listen to the radio when they are in the car then anywhere else.

The radio is still a great way to listen to music and sometimes when I am stressed out and haven’t had time to download new music unto my musical device, I listen to the radio to hear what’s new. It’s free and a quick way to hear great new songs. But now that most of this generation has IPods and MP3 players the use of a radio seems inconsequential. Teens that have a radio on their MP3 are likely to still listen sometimes but it’s not as common as when the radio was the biggest source for people to listen to music.

Many teens that I know don’t spend much time listening to the radio anymore when they’ve got sleeker and more portable devices to listen to music with. Before the TV and computer, families would gather around the radio to hear the news and important announcements either local or from the government. The radio was and will always be a great source for entertainment and listening to music but now that there are many new ways to listen to music, not many teens are still listening to it. There are some online streaming radio sites that have free music like where you can make playlists with your favorite artists and the radio will search and find a station that plays many of that artist’s song. There are also some streaming radio sites where you can listen to music from other countries. Even though radios aren’t a big part of teens’ lives it’s a nice free way to listen to music if you don’t have the time to update your musical device. Now with the more convenient ways to listen to music teens don’t seem to hear the radio waves as much as they used to.

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