2/11/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

Emotional Anorexia
The what, how and why of this common phenomenon, which is growing at the same rate as technological advances.

Car Surfing: New Teen Trend (Oy)
What is this dangerous new trend and why are teens doing it.

Articles from Teens:

How to be Cool (Parents only)
5 step guide for parents to get into the “in” crowd.

International Music
The growing craze of international pop music from K-Pop to K-Pop, teens have heard it all.

How to Tell if Somebody You Know Has an Eating Disorder
A first hand account on how to detect if someone you know has an eating disorder.

The Beasts Who Could Not Be Tamed and the Budding Young Writer
Despite an unruly class, a novice High School English teacher reaches out to at least one eager writer.

The Power of Music
How music can help teens through some of the roughest of times.

Access Denied: Two Dumb Ways Teens Are Keeping Their Facebook Lives Private
With family members getting Facebook pages too, teens scramble to find ways to keep their page and their privacy.

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4th, 5th and 6th Grade Workshops

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