The Eyes Behind the Lies

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It’s a Sunday afternoon and you are faced with the predicament you were fighting against in all your years of parenting, how do you deal with a lying child? Often as a parent, dealing with broken trust between you and your child can bring about various different types of emotion. You may feel a sense of resentment or disappoint which is normal but one lesson you should take in is to never put the total blame on yourself because at the end of the day, a lie is a lie.

I am 17 years old and in my seventeen years of living, I have done my fair share of lying to my mother. I know it isn’t the best choice to make but often I only do so in order to do things I assume my mother will prohibit me from doing. As the lie’s increase in size I have noticed a pattern which is most of the time, there was no reason to lie and it only brought about disappointment. One of a child’s fear is to hear from their parent(s) that they are disappointed in them.

Unfortunately lying cannot be completely wiped out: come on, lets face it, we are only human but keeping an open relationship with your child or children can avoid raising a pathological liar. I know as a parent you probably have heard of the term “open relationship” vigorously and want to know the real definition of what it actually means. In my eyes an open relationship is being able to discuss any opinions or thoughts on your mind in an engaging conversation with someone and being able to trust them because you know that no matter what you will not be judged. When an open relationship is enforced in parenting it always leads to great results, for example when dealing with a lying child.

As I mentioned above a lie is a lie but, it shouldn’t be dealt harshly if it’s the 1st time it has occurred. A child should always be aware that the naked truth is better than a well dressed lie . Enforcing an open relationship with your child will make a child feel more safe to approach you with different situations and would bring about a great bonding factor. Often trust is hard to build back once broken , so as a parent your goal is to take that extra step so the paternal trust you built can remain as a firm building block of your relationship between you and your child.

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