Top Ten Music/Artists Types To Work To

Amber is a 18-year-old from Poughkeepsie, NY. She enjoys listen to music, watching the Colts win Football games, and her favorite subject is Communication, she wants to go in to Public Relations

When doing anything many choose to listen to music. But what types are the best types and when do they listen to it.

1. Classical Music: This is the go to music for studying. Yeah it can be a little boring but the no words can help you, have you ever been listening to music and started to write down the lyrics. Also it proven that it helps improve brain activity and memory.

2. Billy Joel: His music is great. Joel has a song for every mode and whatever state of mind you might be in. I think that every one should at least once listen to a Billy Joel album all the way through when doing any type of work.

3. Creative Music: This type of music is something that can help you when your trying to get in to a creative state of mind. When trying be creative listen to upbeat music that can get those creative juices flowing. I like to listen to Lady Gaga, Glee and even some 8o’s and 9o’s. Look for music that has a funny bubbly beat.

4. Queen: They have some of the best music ever, right?  Why not listen to them.? Not only can you sing alone to most of their songs they are fun to listen too at any time.

5: Oldies: I know I know your thinking what eww I have to listen to that when I in the car for 7 hour on a road trip. Yet I know that when you are in your room alone you put it on and listen to it. Its all of our deepest darkest secrets. The music is fun and have great beats that can help you foucs. Plus you love it you know you do.

6. Study Break Songs: you have to stop and take a break and you need music for that duh. I love to listen to Bon Jovi, Green Day, and The Used. Every one has their break songs, spice girl maybe its ok every one listens to them(boys I know you do too).

7.  Workout Music: You don’t want to workout to bad music so you go for moving and fast music.  My friends and I like to listen to All American Rejects, No Doubt, The Killers, and Pink. Some Rapp and Hip Hop gets put in the mix.

8. Michael Jackson: What can’t be say about the King of pop. His music is great to dance and just be free to. When you are in the mood to listen to something fun and full of great lyrics and beats we turn on Mr. Michael Jackson, and let go of what is going wrong in life.

9. Disney song:  OK OK they a little kiddish and funny but they are a part of our childhood and they are get to sing along to. When was the last time that you put on a Disney song and thought eww I hate this, never. When you are in the bad mood  it’s the go to song and when you want to sing along and be a kid again you listen to this.

10. Your choice: This one is all about you because it is the type that you listen to and none or only a small percentage of your friends listen to. For me it’s indie not a lot of my friends listen to it but I listen to it when I doing work or thinking or I am bored. Which is why you listen to it, its all yours.

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