You’re My Favorite…..

Matt is a 16-year-old from New York City, NY. He loves to be social and spend time with his friends, as well as being an active leader in his community. However, school also plays an important role in his life and he is motivated to achieve his dreams.

It is safe to say that every student in high school has witnessed some sort of “favoritism” in their life. Whether s/he was a victim or not is a different story.¬† tells me that “favorite” (noun) is “a person or thing regarded with special favor or preference.” Based off of this definition, it is clear that favoritism is evident in the school environment. We’re human. That’s a fact. As humans, we have emotions, we interact with each other, we develop a sense of liking towards certain things and certain someones. This happens as a teen, but also as a teacher. If you write eloquent essays, quotidian raise your hand and maintain a good grade, a teacher is bound to pick you as a favorite. However, you do NOT want to be a teacher’s bad side. If you turn in late homework, call-out and cut class, you’ll be on the “bad list.” So, yes. Favorites exist. I have a favorite teacher, and she has her favorite students. However, it is not okay for a teacher to grade his/her favorite students easier and/or better than the rest of the class. That is just blatantly unethical and so wrong.

Here’s a story for all of you: Once upon a time, today, my school received our report cards and transcripts. I did not do as well as I wished this semester, but that’s a completely different story. For the sake of privacy, I won’t use names, but AP U.S. History stuck-out like a sore thumb. Our teacher told us, due to the rigorous curriculum, he was going to curve our grades, a.k.a. give us points. He told us a few days prior that he would give us between 2 to 3 points. Well, let’s just say that did not happen. After conversing with a few of my friends, I realized that something was wrong. The curve was not uniform–AT ALL. I was happy with my grade, please don’t think that I was grade grubbing. But, let’s be honest here; is it fair that some students received a 7 point curve while others, such as myself, received one point…..? I didn’t think so.¬†After some serious consideration, I realized that there could be a few reasons why this occurred. One, my teacher is losing it….. Two, math isn’t his strong point, I mean, he is a history teacher. Or three, he doesn’t like me; I’m not one of his favorites.

There’s that word again, “favorite”. Why does it keep showing up everywhere? Maybe it is because it is a problem that has to be solved. It is up to us, as teens and students, to voice our opinions and tell teachers that playing favorites is fine, but not when it comes to grading–especially for final grades. That is why, tomorrow, I’m going to swallow my pride and ask my teacher, “what happened?” It’s going to be hard, especially when your teacher had your sister and I’m nothing like her academically! Wish me luck my fellow teens!

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  1. Rona Oberman
    April 5, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    Hey Matt,
    Great essay (or blog? I’m so old-school!) I think your point is well made and thoughtful. And after spending years in corporate America, I must say that favoritism unfortunately doesn’t end with graduation. The only thing that changes is what you call it; nepotism, legacy, country club co-members, college frat buddies….are just a few of the incarnations that \favoritism\ takes on. Not to mention of course, good looks, youth, money and power. All this makes the proverbial playing field of life an uneven and inequitable game. But therein lies the challenge and the opportunity. You yourself have already begun to learn the rules. By going up to your teacher and talking to him you are establishing a connection that will help you stand out. And just so you know – in my books, you’re a favorite I’d bet on!

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