2/25/11: Articles for Parents this Week

Hello Readers,

We made the list of the Top 35 Female Visionaries You Need To Know

We also were in USA Today this week and they even interviewed our interns!

Top Articles:

Great Resources for Parents from Around the Web
There are a ton of great websites, blogs, podcasts, webseries and more on parenting it can be hard to sift through them all. Vanessa has done the leg work and brings you the best web resources for parents.

Thinspiration: An Alarming New Trend for Teen Girls
Defining this scary new trend for parents and how it is so damaging to developing teens.

Failure File for Teens and Parents
How keeping track of your failures can help you get ahead in life.

Parent Alert: Teen’s Smoking K2, Synthetic Marijuana
Another scary new trend amidst teens that is actually legal in many states.

Articles from Teens:

Teenage Dream- Get Them to Bed!
Teens need more sleep than they are getting, which is results in suffering grades and bad moods.

Top Ten Music/Artists Types To Work To
Matching the perfect music with the kind of work you need to get done.

Family Vacationing Spots for Teens
Vacation spots that will have both teens and parents happy without a lot of compromising.

4 Reasons Effective Communication = Getting What You Want
Four ways to advance inter-personally, socially or in relationships.

The Eyes Behind the Lies
The delicate balance of dealing with your lying teen so you don’t push them away to just lie even more.

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