Camping: Bringing Families Together

Alekxa is a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys running, yoga, eating, volunteering, and being with her friends.

In this day and age, parents are always trying to figure out how to bond with their teenagers without burning a hole in their wallets. With technology become more and more prevalent, not only are peoples’ health suffering, but relationships or lack thereof are less engaged and ultimately less meaningful. Outdoors activities, such as camping, can be a great way to restore your family ties, while at the same time providing a fun way to exercise. No other outdoor activity will provide that same thrill of adventure and promise of excitement of the unknown quite like camping.

A key factor to a healthy relationship between teenagers and their parents always starts first and foremost with communication. Camping is the perfect setting for this as events which require problem solving and team work constantly present themselves. It is the perfect way to form stronger bonds between teenagers to their parents. Staying alert of random dangers like wildlife and poison ivy can be scary, yet stimulating. Discovering the breathtaking nature can both ground teenagers and parents and remind them that there is a world outside of their houses and on their computer screens.

Various family activities include: making a campfire, canoeing or kayaking, cooking, bicycling, playing board/card games, fishing, hiking, stargazing, and playing musical instruments. Any of these options can be emphasized depending on each unique families’ interest, but it is good to keep these in mind when planning the location of your camp site. For instance, will there be a lake for kayaking? Is this place too close to a city where bright lights and such will hinder the effect of stargazing in the absolutely astonishing night sky?

Whenever you are planning to go camping, the most important thing to remember is your family and your safety. Before you all embark on this adventure, remember to research the area you are planning to be at. Packing the proper equipment can make or break the entire camping experience so be smart when going through your list of essential items. Equipment every knowledgeable camper will recommend includes: a tent, a flashlight, a sleeping bag, medication, a basic first aid kid, a pocketknife, insect repellent, a cell phone, food, and finally plenty of water.
Regardless of where you go or what activities you become involved with, the importance of safety is a reality you need to deal with. I cannot stress the vital importance of having enough drinking water while camping. This can come in handy when washing your hands, preparing meals, and of course quenching thirst. The best advice I have ever received about camping is to always tell someone where you and your family are going and for how long you all plan on being there. This tip can  protect you from the unknown dangers of nature and can ultimately save lives.

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