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Mike is a 17-year-old from Chicago, IL. He enjoys eccentric individuals, playing with computers and hopes to one day dominate the radio airwaves.

Facebook.  Twitter.  Tumblr.  YouTube.  Teens like to share what’s going on in their lives.  A lot of today’s sharing is done not only with text, but also with visual mediums such as with pictures and video.  Personally, I enjoy uploading and sharing pictures to Twitter and Facebook whenever I’m out at an event.  Attaching pictures to short Facebook posts adds more meaning to what’s really going on, and it allows for easier commenting and discussion.  Lately, I’ve being seeing more and more of my Facebook friends uploading pictures from their mobile phones, making Facebook a whole lot more interesting to browse through.  Teens aren’t just uploading photos on their phones though, they are editing them too.  Here’s a few of the major examples:



1.       Pixelpipe – For a majority of cell phones, even if they don’t fall into the “smart” category, Pixelpipe is a solid option that allows users to share photos and video to an endless number of social media websites.  If you happen to have an iPhone or an Android based phone, dedicated apps exist that streamline the process of sharing your mobile content with the world.

2.       Facebook Mobile – If you happen to own a smart phone, the Facebook mobile app is perfect for sharing content while on the go.

3.       Instagram – This website / mobile sharing platform has hit pretty hard recently.  This platform allows users to snap pictures and give them an old timey look before uploading to show their friends.



1.       Photoshop Express – Existing for both the iPhone and Android platforms, Photoshop Express allows users to professionally edit photos right on their phone.

2.       PicSay – Strictly for the Android platform, PicSay and PicSay pro allow users make fun edits on their photos and then share to their friends.


The problem with covering anything regarding mobile photo apps is that there are literally hundreds in existence.  I listed a few of my favorite above, but users are best off doing a search in their respective app stores or on Google to find the platform that is best for them.   Sharing apps and video as well as mobile editing is a fairly recent craze that is really catching on with the younger crowd.  It’s a fun way to show your friends what’s on your mind instead of simply telling them.




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