3/11/11: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello Readers,

We are visiting some of our European readers this week in London, Amsterdam, and Brussels, Bruges and Ghent, Belgium!

Top Articles:

Teen Culture: Is Your Child Different At School Than At Home?
Understanding your teen’s different cultures from School to Home to Sports,  and teaching them how to be genuine in all of them.

Articles from Guests:

Chill, Mom, Dad. They Already Have Your Values
Your kids learn mostly from you, so if you have strong values, treat people with integrity and kindness, rest assured, your children will too.

Articles from Teens:

Youth and Learning Disabilities
Often learning disabilities are not detected early enough. Here are some signs to help determine if your teen struggles with any learning disorders and how to help them.

The Value of a Dollar and Your Worth
The one constant we can count on in our lives is ourselves, so it is important to understand and appreciate our own worth.

New Era: New Religion
It’s okay if you and your teen don’t share the same religious beliefs, as long as both sides respect the other’s opinions.

Camping: Bringing Families Together
With camping comes many great family activities that can bring teens and parents closer together.

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