Online Quizes: The Logic Behind the Obsession

Dana is a 15 year old from Hi-nella, NJ. She loves to write and enjoys reading, singing, and shopping. Her goal is to help others through her writing, and bring attention to important topics.
The world is a different place then it used to be. No child ever goes bored and with nothing to do. Back in the old days if a child dare complained about lack of entertainment their parents handed them a broom and dustpan. These days though friends, music, and entertainment are just a click away. When on a laptop usually I myself, and most other teenage girls are doing one of the following three things: Facebook (of course), video calling a friend, or TAKING ONLINE QUIZES.  You know the ones. “What does your favorite color nail polish say about you?” Or, “Is he the one? Find out with 5 questions!” We used to only torture our boyfriends and others with these quizzes once in a while if found in a magazine, or book. Now though, with the world at our fingertips we purposely go hunting for these silly quizzes and tests online with the belief that somewhere lays a secret we can unlock about ourselves by answering five simple questions.  Do we put too much emphasis on the results of these quizzes? Or is it just fun?

What teen girl doesn’t love personality and love quizzes? I know I’m guilty of it. Most people really don’t understand the point of them. Do we really believe that there is something we don’t know about ourselves that this quiz can show us? Do we believe this really has an accurate result? My three reasons for online quiz taking is it provides reassurance, entertainment, and finding something out about myself.  When I say reassurance, an example is when you like a boy. You think he likes you, but you’re not entirely sure. So you Google a quiz called “Does he like me?” Then 5 questions later you have your answer. That is if it’s accurate, which most aren’t. This is because they are questions in general. They have no way of connecting on a personal level with every person who reads the quiz. So we think they provide us with reassurance in a matter we’ve come across, but do they really? Maybe we just like to think they do.

On to the entertainment aspect of quiz taking. Who hasn’t been bored out of their skull once in a while? Online quiz taking provides something to do, all while discussing something that interests every teen; THEMSELVES. I know I’d love to know how others view me, or find out something I didn’t know about my personality or the type of person I am. This is exactly what these quizzes promise. Quiz magazines pull in a ton of money every year because this is the kind of stuff they think teenagers eat up and can’t get enough of. Well, they’re right.

“Find out something new about yourself you never knew!” This sentence attracts millions. The people who take these quizzes/tests want to do just that; find out something new about THEMSELVES.  You may think this is horrible, but like most other people who just don’t come out and say it, I’m really not interested in quizzing my friends. All though I enjoy them quizzing me, and me quizzing myself, it doesn’t really matter to me what their outcome is. This is because there is a million things I don’t know about another person, but I know everything about myself.  Or do I? Your train of thought starts heading in a totally different direction. What is the one thing I don’t know about myself? You start to drive yourself crazy. You convince yourself its all nonsense; but then the forbidden thought of “Or is it?” creeps right back up into your mind. You start up your computer and begin the quiz. That is how the makers of these quizzes grab your attention, and then successfully pull you in.

These quizzes promise finding a little bit more about yourself, and a good time. For me they have always delivered just that. I never realized though how seriously I took the results of those quizzes. I’d like to share a true story about myself. About a year and a half back I bought my weekly magazine which was loaded with quizzes. I still remember the title, “What kind of guy is your best match”? We were at school and trying to hide the magazine so the teacher didn’t see. Within 2 minutes my friend had asked me all the questions and the quiz was finished. My result went something like this: “Your best match is a bad boy! You need that cutting edge guy who’s sweet, but keeps you guessing as well.” I really didn’t think to much of it. Surely though not long after that a modern day “bad boy” asked me out. I thought about saying no, but was reassured things would go well as I thought back to that quiz result. I said yes in the hopes my quiz outcome was more of a prediction. As I type it now I can’t believe that I was ever so foolish to base a relationship off a result I got from a silly girl magazine. Oh and in case you’re wondering, my perfect “bad boy” relationship failed miserably. Taking quizzes is fun, until you start taking them too seriously.

In conclusion, a girl can always have a little fun and take an online quiz here and there; but never base one aspect of your life off of the result. I think you know yourself better and what’s right for you then a general quiz outcome does. Taking personality and relationship quizzes can help pass the time, and put a smile on your face as long as they are used for what they are meant, fun. Don’t ever base a serious decision off a result you happen to get. Most importantly, never let a silly quiz make your choices in life. Only you can lead the way, and no quiz thrown together is an equivalent leader of your life than you.


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