Rational Living: Is It Possible?

Amber is a 18-year-old from Poughkeepsie, NY. She enjoys listen to music, watching the Colts win Football games, and her favorite subject is Communication, she wants to go in to Public Relations.

In my teen issues class we were given a list or guide of tips by Albert Ellis on how to live a more rational life. Is it possible for a person to live a rational life by following the 10 tips that Ellis gave us?

One of the tips that seems to be the hardest to follow is the first one, which is the idea to challenge the belief that it is necessity for you to be loved or approved of by everyone for almost everything you do.  People do this too much and I am guilty of doing it too looking to others for approval. It’s saying that you have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to love you or even like you, and you can’t do things that people want to you to do if you are not happy doing it. This is hard, even when you think you’re not looking for approval and love from others you still are. The feeling of approval and the need for love is something that is there in all of us but what I found out was you have to be happier with the fact that you like what doing and you love yourself. If you’re only doing something to make someone else happy and you’re not, than the stress is going to double itself on you. And if you don’t love yourself how can anyone else love you, when thinking of it that way it was easier to do it. Doing the things that make you happy and the amount of love you give yourself grows, and then the stress or the amount of unhappiness should start to lift.

The other tip that is important is to stop trying to run away from many life difficulties and self-responsibilities. This one is a big one for us teens a lot of us seem not to take responsibility for our action. I know that I don’t always but I try to. The feeling you get when you lie to someone about a situation that you made happen is a horrible one, which eats at you. Yet when something good happens because of us we take the praise, why? Is it because the difficulties of being yelled at or the knowledge that you disappoint someone hurt more than running from it. Ellis believes that if we do take responsibly then the stress will be less then lying about it or running from it. Also when we do take on the responsibly we grow more than being sheltered if we can’t take them now how will we do it when we are in the real world. Your boss won’t hold your hand and baby you through the job.

I only pointed out two of the ten tips the Ellis give us, if you want you can go online a look up Albert Ellis “guide to rational living”. All the tips that he gives make sense some of them you have to think about them and see how they fit your life, but try to live by them and life might get easier. Stress is never a good, so love yourself, and take some responsibly and you might have less in your life.



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